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Synonyms for resplendence

Synonyms for resplendence

brilliant radiant beauty

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Obtain your fate on your Best Day, seeking success by the luckiest ascendant; rise like Saturn's rising, climbing high most nobly to the greatest heights; pour forth as Jupiter pours forth with generosity when perched in his furthest mansion; (84) be readier than Mars to pounce upon whatever haughty king (85) should be your foe; ascend as the morning Sun ascends eclipsing black obscurity of night; (86) imitate the deeds of Venus in your pleasing prime of life; resemble with your flowing pen in hand the magisterial writer Mercury; in aspect vie with the full Moon at dusk (87) and best him in resplendence and outdo.
(eds), (1991), Resplendence of the Spanish Monarchy Renaissance Tapestries and Armor from Patrimonio Nacional, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.
Near or Far you become my desire You, my heart's contentment You, my eye's resplendence My love is in pursuit of you Let this be my bliss Lord, let this be my Desire.
But that was until last Wednesday when we managed to see it in all its beautiful resplendence. Last Wednesday the Blues media team played their ace card - they revealed the Adidas kit.
Yet he, like most of us no matter our field of interest, nor our age, background, or beliefs, is struck dumb by their resplendence and mystique.
We think it is time that all those who wish well for the progress and welfare of this country, whether it be individuals - irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed, organizations, untainted members of parliament and professionals in every vocation - All should join forces and work together for the commonweal so as to regain our long lost respect and glory and retrieve our resplendence, freedom and protection.
Rather than evoking sentimental longing for the cultural resplendence of the interwar period in Germany, recent representations of Haarmann provide a new critical perspective on the instability in the postwar years.
Combining the finest techniques with a brilliant array of colors, Swarovski has created a fall/winter collection that highlights the radiance and resplendence of crystal as no one but a master of facets and light could - sharp, classic, chic pieces looking fitting for a diversity of personalities, tastes and occasions.
Among specific topics are the setting for enchantment, theological grace and sublime grace, ecstatic visions, canons of the aura, places of apparition, flight and the wave, silences of the cloister and the garden, elegance and delicateness, loveliness and resplendence, the oneiric and the marvelous, and the mourning of art in the modern age.
Though it lacks the resplendence that in 1991 seemed the war's proper birthright, the legacy promises to be both important and enduring.
Major Products: Logic Cleansing Renewal Face Rub, Logic Hydrate and Tone Face Masque, Logic Dew Point Replenishing Moisturizer, Logic Pure Resplendence Body Rub, Logic Smoothing Body Masque.
Revel in the resplendence of the ever-changing Saharan landscape...
We left Caravaca for the resplendence and refinery of the world famous La Manga Club, about 10 miles east of Cartagena on the south-easterly tip of Murcia.
One only hopes and prays good sense shall prevail among the majority of its decision-makers so the kingdom could be back on the rails and the Pearl of the Gulf could again shine in all its resplendence.
However, let's hope this tour proves suitably lacking in incident so George can properly enjoy his return to full resplendence. | Box office: 029 2022 4488