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  • verb

Synonyms for respire

to breathe in and out


Synonyms for respire

breathe easily again, as after exertion or anxiety

undergo the biomedical and metabolic processes of respiration by taking up oxygen and producing carbon monoxide

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Funding for this study was provided by the Norwegian Research Council, with overall funding for the RESPIRE trial from the U.S.
Respire Medical has experienced a rapid year-over-year growth since its founding and we see a great opportunity to utilize its technology to help those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring
Respire Medical's products will be rebranded under the Whole You name.
Though Arnaud Potier's quiet cinematography handles the film's rural sequences handily, "Respire" probably made it to SIC on the strength of its acting and writing.
The more we respire, the more we get obliged to it and the more we feel for it.
They respire through their skin, taking in oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide.
Tt was thought that stem cell mitochondria could not respire, or convert sugar and oxygen into carbon dioxide and water with the production of energy.
The Respire by Hyatt-Hypo-Allergenic Rooms may eliminate up to 98% of airborne viruses and bacteria, pollens and other irritants.
Such produce contains living cells which continue to "respire" even after picking, inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide and water.
"Respire" Respire de prima matina acquara de lu core: m'alleggerisce com'a na calandrella e vole senza scerme "Com'a flore de mientra" Com'a fiore de mientra: schiude e murt.
the bugs would just settle down and respire the rock," and he intimated that this was unheard of at that time.
For example, some bacteria are able to respire on solid phase iron (glucose + [Fe.sup.+3] [right arrow] C[O.sub.2] + [Fe.sup.+2]).
At a time where so much was at stake in this country, and the rest of the world, these men and women took a brief respire to share their stories with you.