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Devise corrective measures for pipeline projects by understanding Respiratory Tract Infections pipeline depth and focus of Indication therapeutics.
This randomised control trial aimed to assess the role of EPs[R]7630 in asthma attack frequency after upper respiratory tract viral infection.
According to a new study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital published in the online scientific journal BMJ Open, treating infection-prone patients over a 12-month period with high doses of vitamin D reduces their risk of developing respiratory tract infection - and consequently their antibiotic requirement.
KEY WORDS: Environmental factors, Lower respiratory tract infection, Risk factors.
The clinical signs were typical of an upper respiratory tract infection combined with severe obstructive bronchitis.
During the study period, annual acute respiratory tract infection visits for children younger than 5 dropped by 17 percent, from 1,880 per 1,000 population in 1995-1996 to 1,560 per 1,000 population in 2005-2006.
Medical Center and one in Denver who were hospitalized with severe lower respiratory tract infections whose nasopharyngeal swabs were negative for influenza A by rapid tests--but who had endotracheal aspirates positive for the novel H1N1 virus by culture and polymerase chain reaction.
lt;br /><br />The workshop was earlier reported to have a respiratory tract infection outbreak with a confirmed swine flu case affecting a 22-year-old man.
Antibiotics are often thought to be the first line treatment in lower respiratory tract infections.
Evidence on number needed to treat and number needed to harm (if available) from systematic reviews of respiratory tract infections is presented graphically in Fig.
More than 90% of inhaled formaldehyde is absorbed in the upper respiratory tract (Heck et al.
That being said, I find it worthy of note that our most frequent non-hospital consultation that invites our counsel is on the methods of bearing with, or enduring, the simple Upper Respiratory Tract Infection or URTI.
The two groups developed the same number of lower respiratory tract infections (acute bronchitis and pneumonia), but those taking E were 20% less likely to develop an upper respiratory tract infection--particularly the common cold--and had colds of shorter duration.
Herbal medicinal products play an important role in the treatment of respiratory tract diseases.
The vaccine, tested in African green monkeys, is the first to be administered directly to the respiratory tract and is also the first that confers immunity with a single dose.
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