respiratory system

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the system for taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide

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The respiratory system is made up of a few different parts, including the trachea (windpipe), bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli.
Multinational pharmaceutical company Zambon Pharmaceutical Group announced on Tuesday that its Zcube, Research Venture has introduced the third edition of its international Open Accelerator programme, specifically focused on the areas of the CNS and the Respiratory System, including rare diseases.
The diseases of the respiratory system induced by air pollutants are influenced by the type of dust and duration of exposure to the particles, he said.
The new guidelines consider population sub-groups most vulnerable to adverse effects from ash on the respiratory system. Nevada does not currently host any active volcanoes.
She said if ash is inhaled, the respiratory system would be greatly affected which might lead to illnesses.
Your Breathtaking Lungs and Rocking Respiratory System (Your Brilliant Body)
The court papers state: "There is a substantial risk Mr Ledford will be aware and in agony as the pentobarbital attacks his respiratory system, depriving his brain, heart and lungs of oxygen as he drowns in his own saliva."
Summary: Dust, smoke and fumes in the air can negatively impact a baby's respiratory system.
It starts with an overview of the respiratory system; the author then discusses history taking, and the physical assessment and secondary tests needed to assess a patient with an undiagnosed respiratory condition.
Cobwebs harbour dust which can impact on air quality and on your horse's respiratory system.
Nevertheless, the changes in respiratory system compliance do not reflect the lung compliance accurately, especially in patients with high chest wall elastance.
4 Always feeling tired: 'This is one of the most common consequences of incorrect breathing and would indicate that you're not accessing enough of the respiratory system,' says Alan.
BRUSSELS, Sept 10 (KUNA) -- In the European Union (EU) in 2012, diseases of the respiratory system, including lung cancer, were the cause of death for 671 900 persons, 13 percent of all deaths, Eurostat, the EU's statistical agency, reported Thursday.
As previous research conducted by our group has indicated, parameters of the equivalent electrical circuit models of the human respiratory system along with those of the IOS measurements have proven to be valuable in the diagnosis of patients with central and peripheral airway obstruction [11-13].
Meantime, Iranian researchers' studies have found silicon dioxide, calcium, potassium, carbon, and other elements in the haze, which could damage the respiratory system of those breathing the air.
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