respiratory rate

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the rate at which a person inhales and exhales

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The NMC report said: "On this occasion Mrs Brady documented a full set of observations as having been conducted including pulse rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, pupil size and reaction.
You can get a respiratory rate by watching your animal's chest rise and fall with each breath.
The stress-induced increase in respiratory rate was significantly attenuated by midazolam and midazolam-butorphanol, whereas the increase in cloacal temperature was not attenuated by midazolam or midazolam-butorphanol.
After 5 min of induction of anaesthesia, respiratory rate was significantly (P<0.01) decreased from control values up to 75 min and 90 min in treatments A and B, respectively (Fig.
Due to the lower resting functional residual capacity, obese patients have an increased respiratory rate to compensate the ventilation-perfusion mismatch especially at the base of the lungs.
Vital-SCOPE simultaneously measures pulse rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature when the sensor unit is placed on the carotid artery area of the neck and provides results within 10 s (Figure 1).
"We are delighted to announce our participation in the NIA Programme as this alliance represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication in developing our core product RespiraSenseTM, the world's only continuous, motion-tolerant, respiratory rate (RR) monitor," said Myles Murray, PMD Solutions CEO.
All the patients presented with history of cough and/or difficult breathing, on physical examination having (i) fast breathing (respiratory rate >50/min if age 2-11 months, rate >40/min if age 12-59 months) or (ii) lower chest wall in-drawing was admitted in the ward and further evaluate for x-ray chest findings specific for pneumonia by advising chest radiograph.
The overall metabolic status can be indirectly assessed by the measurement of simple clinical hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse rate and temperature.7 Derangement in basic hemodynamic parameters might be the result of a disease process or mental stress that causes activation of hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis - HPA axis.
At the present stage of our investigation, we confined ourselves to the monitoring of respiratory function and ECG and focused on the health state evaluation algorithms based on respiratory rate (RR) and heart rate (HR) estimation.
At Turkish Hospital, participants can choose any one of the 12 specialties such as cardiology, cardiovascular, urology, neurology, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, general surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, gastroenterology , pulmonology in addition to the check-up of vital signs as body mass index (BMI), pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate. The free medical tests available at Al Safa Polyclinic are GP (general practitioner) consultation, dental consultation, cardiology consultation, vital signs (weight, height, BMI, pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure, respiratory rate), random blood sugar, spirometry, eye checkup, echo cardiograph, obstetrician and gynecologist consultation, USG-OB/Gynec (basis requirement).
Objective: To estimate the proportion of community-acquired pneumonia patients with disagreement between Confusion, Uraemia, Respiratory rate, Blood pressure, age > 65 years recommendation and physician's decision to hospitalise or not.
[2] This study intends to give the effectiveness of musical tempo (slow and fast) on the post-exercise recovery of physiological parameters such as pulse rate, blood pressure (BP), and respiratory rate during recovery.