respiratory quotient

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the ratio of the volume of carbon dioxide expired to the volume of oxygen consumed by an organism or cell in a given period of time

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Richardson, "The respiratory quotient," Physiological Reviews, pp.
This conversion results in 1 MJ/day (948 Btu/day) of energy use corresponding to 0.00057 L/s (0.00121 cfm) of oxygen consumption, which based on a respiratory quotient RQ of 0.85, corresponds to 0.00048 L/s (0.00102 cfm) of C[O.sub.2] production.
Table 1--Respiratory rate, oxygen uptake rate, respiratory quotient, mass loss in function of respiration, mass loss in function of water loss, soluble solids and titratable acidity in 'Fuyu' persimmon during 12 weeks in controlled atmosphere storage, means of all days of storage.
Calcification rate (G), respiratory rate (R, and R.), and respiratory quotient (RQ) of Chlamys farreri in water of different pH levels.
Both VC[O.sub.2] and V[O.sub.2] increased equally during running, thus the nonprotein respiratory quotient did not differ between either modality.
Resting energy expenditure was measured at steady state during a five minute period when V[O.sub.2] and VC[O.sub.2] changes by less than 10%, and the average respiratory quotient (RQ) changes by less than 5%.
Appearing in equations, these are the things that reduce trainees to tears: details like giving 0.825 as the respiratory quotient in the text, but using 0.8 in the equation immediately following; getting 'A' and 'a' confused as subscripts when referring to alveolar and arterial partial pressures; the partial pressure of carbon dioxide is certainly proportional to the ratio of production to alveolar ventilation, but it is certainly not equal to this ratio.
Respiratory quotient significantly reduced in a study of Gorostia et al (C.
Fructose also increased respiratory quotient more than did glucose, and there was a suggestion that fructose may increase de novo lipogenesis.
The ratio of these two in the head space of the fermentor is monitored to determine the Respiratory Quotient (RQ).
The respiratory quotient (RQ) has the same definition as the RER but indicates the balance between CO2 and O2 in the tissue level and will be exactly equal to RER only at steady state exercise.
Problem: What is the respiratory quotient of germinating seeds?
Respiratory quotient ([MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) was measured as lag C[O.sub.2]-C evolved in the last week of incubation per hour per mg of MBC.
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