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Inhibiting key respiratory enzymes or avoiding restructuring of mitochondrial supercomplexes in tumors has potential to disrupt disease progression without affecting normal cells, thus, providing a powerful new approach for developing novel therapeutic targets.
The Rensselaer team found that the way in which the two machines are linked in Na+-NQR is different from other respiratory enzymes and likely involves much more movement of the protein than has been observed in other enzymes.
Despite these efforts, the diagnosis of an RCC defect is still challenging, because normal respiratory enzyme activity in a particular tissue (e.g., fibroblasts) does not exclude an underlying mitochondrial defect, even when the initially tested tissue (e.g., muscle) clinically exhibits the disease.
They concluded that the membranes removed oxygen because they contained a respiratory enzyme system that transferred hydrogen atoms from various substrates directly to oxygen, thereby producing water.
Cytochrome a/a3 is a critical mitochondria' respiratory enzyme responsible for processing over 90% of the oxygen consumed.
Comment: ALA is a cofactor for mitochondrial respiratory enzymes, and improves mitochondrial function.
It has also been known for some time that synthesis of respiratory enzymes is increased in the presence of galactose compared to glucose [7].
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