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any of the smallest bronchial ducts

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The terminal membranous bronchiole gives rise to 3 generations of respiratory bronchioles (airways with alveoli forming a component of their walls).
9) However, studies based on lung cancer resection specimens have shown that fine fibrosis in the alveolar walls around respiratory bronchioles is in fact very common in the lungs of cigarette smokers who have no clinical evidence of an ILD.
In primates, lymphatic vessels exist at the alveolar level adjacent to the respiratory bronchioles (20,21).
Variably extensive and variably severe inflammatory and fibrotic changes caused by tobacco smoke that are found in the terminal bronchioles and respiratory bronchioles are termed, respectively, membranous bronchiolitis and respiratory bronchiolitis.
Based on this sample power, an analysis was done to score for changes within each of these three generations of respiratory bronchioles from each case for the following histologic features: smooth muscle hypertrophy, fibrosis, alveolar macrophage frequency, degree of inflammatory change within the interstitial wall, amount of carbonaceous pigment within each respiratory bronchiole generation, and the amount of birefringent dust particles within each of these generations.
Some, such as Ryu et al, (6) appear to accept cases with nothing more than smoker's macrophages (albeit this report does not provide pathologic details), but most authors have noted that the walls of the respiratory bronchioles are fibrotic in RBILD and may also contain inflammatory cells, (1,4,5,7,8) and most have also included fibrosis and inflammation in the alveolar walls surrounding respiratory bronchioles as part of the morphologic spectrum of this disease.
3] and PM, which are known to target respiratory bronchioles (Camner et al.
Alveolar Duct--The opening through which air passes between the respiratory bronchioles and the alveoli.
Cigarette smoking produces inflammatory changes in small airways, especially in respiratory bronchioles.
The Canals of Lambert are respiratory bronchiolar communications that allow for gas flow between respiratory bronchioles.
1985) to evaluate airway wall fibrosis and airway wall muscle in the membranous bronchioles (MBs) and respiratory bronchioles (RBs).
Cilia line the nose, paranasal sinuses, middle ear, Eustachian tube, bronchi as far as respiratory bronchioles and tail of spermatozoa.
The main pathologic findings in respiratory bronchiolitis-associated interstitial lung disease are respiratory bronchiolitis, with lightly pigmented macrophages and mild inflammatory changes that are primarily centered on respiratory bronchioles.
After the terminal bronchiole, the following seven generations of dichotomous divisions are called respiratory bronchioles and serve the gas-exchanging parenchyma consisting of budding alveoli.
The tracheobronchial tree is ciliated to the level of the respiratory bronchioles, each ciliated cell having about 200 cilia.