respiratory alkalosis

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alkalosis resulting from increased gas exchange in the lungs (as in hyperventilation associated with extreme anxiety or aspirin intoxication or metabolic acidosis)

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The whole process was a typical hyperventilation-caused respiratory alkalosis which could not be compensated by metabolic acidosis.
Renal metabolism and ammoniagenesis during acute respiratory alkalosis in the dog.
Double acid base disorders were present in 73 (34%) cases followed by 64 (30%) cases of metabolic acidosis, 20 (9%) cases of metabolic alkalosis, 30 (14%) cases of respiratory acidosis and 18 cases (8%) of respiratory alkalosis. Triple acid base disorders were found in 10 (05%) cases.
Biological findings highlighted leukocytosis with polynucleosis, thrombocytosis, normocytic anemia, hypoalbuminemia and complex metabolic imbalance (metabolic acidosis with respiratory alkalosis), leading to the stage diagnosis of sepsis through enterocolitis in the context of a presumable Hirschsprung disease.
In values less than 35 mm Hg, respiratory alkalosis is present.
Arterial blood gases showed a mild respiratory alkalosis, and serum chemistries generally were unremarkable.
If too much C[O.sub.2] is removed through hyperventilation, the equation will shift to the left and respiratory alkalosis will occur.
The normal pH values, the decreased PaC[O.sub.2], and the low bicarbonate suggests the occurrence of a compensatory respiratory alkalosis at T-10, as explained by MADIAS (2008).
Respiratory alkalosis can develop as a result of increased panting.
In simple acid-base disorders, compensation returns the pH toward, but seldom completely to, normal levels (except in mild chronic respiratory alkalosis).
(1986), and Belay and Teeter (1993) who showed that heat stress causes rapid shallow breathing inducing respiratory alkalosis thus increasing blood pH.
Hyperventilation-induced respiratory alkalosis did not cause vasospasm in the coronary arteries.
In short, he produced a metabolic state called respiratory alkalosis, caused by a reduction in blood carbon dioxide levels.