respiratory acidosis

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acidosis resulting from reduced gas exchange in the lungs (as in emphysema or pneumonia)

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Results from this study demonstrate that capture, transport, and restraint for noninvasive diagnostic tests resulted in a relative leukopenia, lymphopenia, monocytopenia, eosinopenia, increased H : L ratio, and unchanged venous blood pH, despite a mild respiratory acidosis and compensatory metabolic alkalosis.
A repeat ABG sample was suggestive of worsening Respiratory acidosis (7.20/ 56/ 55/ 20).
However, short-term effects of increased C[O.sub.2] (respiratory acidosis) or C[O.sub.2] clearance may cause fluctuations in pH that do not correlate with the degree of metabolic acidosis.
Although it must be considered respiratory acidosis in most of the inhalational poisonings, the situation that came up with our patients was quite the contrary.
Only two of the patients in this series developed significant respiratory acidosis that was unresponsive to conventional ventilation, despite the presence of major air leaks [5].
Arterial blood gas analysis was interpreted as acute respiratory acidosis with reduced pH to 7.23 and elevated PaC[O.sub.2] up to 67 mmHg.
Patients were grouped according to their disturbances in acid-base status: initial postoperative respiratory acidosis and no subsequent BE > +2 mEq/L, initial postoperative respiratory acidosis and subsequent BE > +2 mEq/L, initial postoperative metabolic acidosis and no subsequent BE > +2 mEq/L, and initial postoperative metabolic disorder and subsequent BE > +2 mEq/L.
Acute hypoxemic respiratory failure was defined by one of the hypoxemic criteria (Sp[O.sub.2] < 92% while breathing at least 10 L/min oxygen, Pa[O.sub.2] < 60 mmHg on air or Pa[O.sub.2] < 80 mmHg while breathing any supplemental oxygen) and at least one of the following: severe respiratory distress with dyspnoea, accessory muscle recruitment and paradoxical abdominal or thoracic motion, respiratory rate >25 breaths/min, respiratory acidosis with pH < 7.30, and arterial carbon dioxide partial pressure (PaC[O.sub.2]) >50 mmHg [8].
The combination of mixed metabolic and respiratory acidosis occurs under some clinical situations.
His blood gases showed significant respiratory acidosis. He developed tension pneumothorax on left side with pulmonary interstitial emphysema and pneumoperitoneum (Figures 2(a) and 2(b)).
There are four major acid-base disorders: respiratory acidosis, respiratory alkalosis, metabolic acidosis and metabolic alkalosis.
The common acid base abnormality recorded was respiratory acidosis. The dogs were successfully managed with sedation using Butorphanol @0.2mg/kg and passive cooling by ice cold packs and cold water enema.
This indicated metabolic alkalosis with compensatory respiratory acidosis. Additionally, the potassium and chloride concentrations were low, with values of 3.8 and 87mmol [L.sup.-1], respectively.
His arterial blood gas analysis showed severe respiratory acidosis with a pH of 7.1 and a pC[O.sub.2] of 90mmHg despite being on high setting (SIMV/PC/PS: PIP 26, PEEP 5, respiratory rate 35 breaths/min and Fi[O.sub.2] 0.5).