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Synonyms for respiration

the act or process of breathing


Synonyms for respiration

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'Thus in our new paper, we postulate that vitamin C is stimulating respiration of the Mtb
Studies which assess the respiratory response of plant tissues typically do not account for changes in respiration rates and or the temperature response of respiration throughout the nocturnal period [7, 14, 19-25].
In this paper, to overcome the above-mentioned limitation of existing solutions, we propose a smartphone-based respiration rate detection system using a single-frequency ultrasonic signal, which enables simple signal processing and low power consumption.
As a result, a large portion of global soil respiration is created by agricultural land utilization (5.2 Mg C ha-1 yr-1) (Chen et al., 2010; Zahra et al., 2016).
Under such hypoxia environment, some types of fish can start using their accessory organs to carry out respiration for meeting their physiological oxygen requirement.
Now, Van Mooy and his colleague Richard Keil at the University of Washington have developed an automated instrument that can rapidly measure microbial photosynthesis and respiration in the ocean and send data back to scientists in near real time.
To reveal possible disturbances, we conducted comparative quantitative analysis on the respiration rates for different RC complexes in permeabilized HBC and HCC and their adjacent normal tissue samples.
Noninvasive monitoring technologies company Masimo (NasdaqGS:MASI) reported on Thursday the receipt of CE Marking for RAS-45, a single-use adult and pediatric acoustic respiration sensor for rainbow Acoustic Monitoring (RAM) of respiration rate (RRa).
M2 PHARMA-August 19, 2016-Masimo awarded CE Marking for RAS-45 for rainbow acoustic monitoring of respiration rate in patients receiving opioid-based pain medications
This study thus determined optimum moisture content by testing respiration rate at different controlled moisture levels based on WHC.
At 20C, exogenous CaCl2 alleviated the negative effects of temperature stress on the total respiration rate by enhancing the activity of tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA).
These changes include the development of red color (lycopene synthesis), loss of chlorophyll, softening, weight loss, increased respiration and increased production of the plant hormone ethylene [8-11].
In a study published in the journal Technology, a team led by Concordia engineering professor Muthukumaran Packirisamy describe their invention: a power cell that harnesses electrical energy from the photosynthesis and respiration of blue-green algae.