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Synonyms for respiration

the act or process of breathing


Synonyms for respiration

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Furthermore, soil respiration changes based on vegetation type, management applications, environmental conditions and land utilization types (Giardina et al.
Under such hypoxia environment, some types of fish can start using their accessory organs to carry out respiration for meeting their physiological oxygen requirement.
Now, Van Mooy and his colleague Richard Keil at the University of Washington have developed an automated instrument that can rapidly measure microbial photosynthesis and respiration in the ocean and send data back to scientists in near real time.
Photosynthesis also is sensitive to rises in temperature, but it occurs only during the day, whereas respiration occurs at all hours and thus is more sensitive to nighttime warming.
Using acoustic signal processing that leverages its breakthrough Signal Extraction Technology (SET), the respiratory signal is separated and processed to display continuous acoustic respiration rate (RRa), added the company.
Keywords: Calmodulin; Glutamate synthase; Glutamate dehydrogenase, Isocitrate dehydrogenase; Respiration rate
The respiration rate and ethylene production rates were determined using a closed system method according to Singh with some modifications [17, 18].
Rotenone (5 [micro]M) was used to block electron transport chain at Complex I and State 4 respiration (nonphosphorylating respiration) was determined in mitochondria following the addition of 5 mM succinate.
2010); and the capacity of aerobic respiration to supply metabolic energy at high pC[O.
Speak Easies Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration board kits (http://www.
Current research on respiration and heartbeat monitoring mainly relies on the microwave impulse radar and continuous wave (CW) radar [7,8], which can be widely used in monitoring health status of the patients in clinic or the old at home.
Unlike many other fruits, the respiration rate in bananas does not slow down, and bananas do not ripen slowly.