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Synonyms for respected



Synonyms for respected

receiving deferential regard

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No, it cannot, "you hypocrites".This isn't about being respected, it's about wanting to be feared and revered like a semi-god.
I'd never thought too deeply about respect or being respected. Respecting others was automatic, just another of the social mores my parents instilled in me and my siblings.
In the present study, participants were presented with short reports about fictitious countries and asked to judge the extent to which human rights were, overall, respected in each country.
The rulings of the Commission have to be respected and backed by all right thinking people if this "shared future" is to become reality.
"So of course, the agreements have to be respected and if they are not respected it means that the conditions do not exist to continue with a country that does not respect the agreements," he said.
"I believe respect is something that has to be earned, but I also believe that in order to be respected you have to show respect to others.
Inside each human being is another person who cherishes being loved, respected and valued.
"This is a Mexico that needs to be respected. We will respect them, but also Mexico should know that we have to respect ourselves and respect our history, and throw it down onto the pitch.
Another major institution that was respected a lot in the early years of Pakistan was the senior bureaucracy.
Respect and the feeling of being respected emerge as high-quality relationships are built.
You should have shared the wealth and respected every rad skater, and truly Salba is the one who represents skate and destroy, a true thrasher!
I respected the law which guaranteed him certain rights and I respected my oath to uphold those laws because I respected myself.
He was never slow to share his own source of power, but as a Christian respected the way God's spirit could work through any other person.
What specific behaviors let you know that you are respected by another individual?