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to a tolerably worthy extent


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All my intellectual instincts tell me that I could retrieve my position and live respectably in the world, if I might only try my hand at portrait-painting--the thing of all others that I am naturally fittest for.
Miss Smith is a very good sort of girl; and I should be happy to see her respectably settled.
The country, it is well known, has become infested with cats -- so much so of late, that a petition for relief, most numerously and respectably signed, was brought before the Legislature at its late memorable session.
Hughes, satisfied with having so respectably settled her young charge, returned to her party.
Its banks, and those of the brook are respectably adorned with blooming oleanders, but the unutterable beauty of the spot will not throw a well- balanced man into convulsions, as the Syrian books of travel would lead one to suppose.
It was not simply that beneficent harness of routine which enables silly men to live respectably and unhappy men to live calmly--it was a perpetual claim on the immediate fresh application of thought, and on the consideration of another's need and trial.
The honor of leading in the Freshman classes fluctuated between Anne, Gilbert and Philippa; Priscilla did very well; Charlie Sloane scraped through respectably, and comported himself as complacently as if he had led in everything.
In a word, Pitt having come to his kingdom, and having by good luck, or desert rather, as he considered, assumed almost all the fortune which his other relatives had expected, was determined to treat his family kindly and respectably and make a house of Queen's Crawley once more.
Meanwhile, Sandesh Kumar of FC Evolution scored a consolatory goal against Sir Syed FC to end the match respectably.
Patents are in effective until 2022 and 2033 respectably.
She said that most passengers behave respectably which was encouraging for her and other female cab drivers.
Urgent measures are needed to keep citrus a respectably exportable fruit
The Slovaks looked neat and tidy at Wembley in their 2-1 defeat against England and this is a group of players who had performed respectably enough at Euro 2016 only 14 months ago.
Lahore -- Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Ch Shujat Hussain and has said that no option is left with Nawaz Sharif other than respectably tender resignation.
They weighed 440g on my in-car scales and hit 70C on the chipometer - respectably hot considering it was after 10.