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lacking or deficient in natural resources

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Massey & Denton (1993) show how racial prejudice and discrimination in real estate practices are part of a grand plan to insulate whites from blacks, creating massive black residential segregation and a denial of opportunities to acquire a quality education in the declining and resourceless urban centers.
Their stare is dignified and resourceless, and recalls those lines of Celan rebuking the lifting of stones and the exposure of those constrained to cower beneath them.
Located in Branch County near the Ohio and Indiana borders, the State Public School was Michigan's institution for abandoned or resourceless children.
He recognizes that the ban involved a simplification (that is, that any form of interest on a simple money loan is usury and therefore sinful) and that this simplification eventually "distorted empirical facts." It nevertheless, he maintains, prevented what the scholastic doctors regarded as a greater evil, "namely, the exploitation by the resourceful lender of the resourceless borrower, unprotected by the justice of the market." (41) Langholm's interpretation completely rules out any notion of a scholastic debate over the subjective or objective determination of economic value.
Nor is there much occasion to use the distinctions between logic and rhetoric, or between philosophy and literature, or between rational and nonrational methods of changing other people's minds." (33) One is accordingly left resourceless in terms of persuading Rorty in any distinctively philosophical way by appeal to some rational principle he would concede as authoritatively transcending his appetites or preferences.
"It is to be valued, like all other races, as a race, not as something to provide resourceless and thought-lazy journalists with guidance as to what might win next year's Classic races.
Chickens were distributed to more than 400 resourceless women in the Kunduz City, Imam Sahib and Qala-i-Zal districts, Agriculture Director Nazar Mohammad Hazem said.
You need a set of parameters that would clearly show up who is resourceless, who is pushed to the edge of survival, who needs benefits of development to reach them on a priority basis.
b) Inclusivity, as evidenced in the Hebrew celebrations, such as the gathering of tithes when the landless and resourceless Levites, widows, orphans and aliens are intentionally included; also the sequence of stories in Mark 6-8 in which the feeding of the five thousand men (not counting women and children) is shaped by the encounter between Jesus and the Syro-Phoenician woman, into the more inclusive feeding of the four thousand.
As a small, resourceless state, it has always been in Singapore's interests to diversify its economic partners.
"The police are resourceless and powerless to stop this behaviour because when you report it on 999 the Birmingham-based controller doesn't know where Coventry is, let alone Woodway Lane.
In his hands, idealism is so resourceless and unsophisticated that any of life's disappointments can serve as decisive counterexamples to its central theses.
And when those victims are young and resourceless, the results can be tragic.
Larsen bravely and poignantly illustrates historian Rickie Solinger's point that "there is no such thing as adoption except off the backs of resourceless women." Many researchers have found that adoption records are sealed to protect those who make their living brokering babies, more so than out of concern for the privacy of the parties to the adoption.