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Synonyms for resourcefulness

the ability and the means to meet situations effectively

Synonyms for resourcefulness

the quality of being able to cope with a difficult situation

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the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems

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Resourcefulness provides an innovative example of the potential of partnerships in education today.
2009) identified a group of learned resourcefulness skills that uniquely helped the women to mitigate these advances and communicate disinterest such that the likelihood of compliance was reduced.
Practice curiosity, creativity, resourcefulness, leadership and tenacity within your organization.
Against this backdrop, the purpose of this study is to develop and test a conceptual model, which examines customer orientation as a full mediator of the relationship between job resourcefulness and frontline employees' external representation, internal influence, and service delivery behaviors.
Keywords: customer orientation, hotel employees, Iran, job outcomes, job resourcefulness
The main tools in finding prospects (or suspects to be refined later into prospects) are still imagination and resourcefulness.
But what really appeals to me about the farmer's philosophy is the way it engenders resourcefulness and creativity.
Results of more recent studies carried out with adolescents also indicated that high resourcefulness was related to fewer depressive symptoms (Huang, Sousa, Tu, & Hwang, 2005), better engagement in academic self-control behaviors (Kenneth & Keefer, 2006), better ability to deal effectively with academic stress (Akgun & Ciarrochi, 2003), success in weight loss self-control programs (Kenneth & Ackerman, 1995), success in quitting smoking (Kenneth, Morris, & Bangs, 2006), and lower level of alcohol consumption (Carey, Carey, Carnrike, & Meisler, 1990).
This classic story is dramatically narrated by John Lee who is able to fully convey the energy, intellect, and resourcefulness of Odysseus in all of his legendary encounters.
Thank you, thank you, Lane Hudson for your resourcefulness and moral backbone to out former congressman Mark Foley [First Person, December 19].
MC4's resourcefulness and flexibility have proven to be a tremendous asset in the ever-changing Army environment," said Kevin Carroll, Program Executive Officer, Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS).
8 Ahmed Ismail, Thacher demonstrated the determination and the resourcefulness associated with being one of the top junior players in the country, rallying for a 4-6, 7-5, 7-6 (2) victory at Calabasas Swim and Tennis Center.
As Edith relates her life at Moissac and a boarding school and then with a farm family, the reader learns of her fear, loneliness, courage, resourcefulness and growing maturity.
Creativity, resourcefulness and cooperation among NYC's leading brokers, as evidenced by this transaction, ensure our city's growth will not be stunted by supply constraints," said Sukenik.
There is no better place than the Farm Progress Show to celebrate farmers' creativity and resourcefulness," says Matt Jungmann, Farm Progress national farm shows manager.