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Synonyms for resourceful

Synonyms for resourceful

able to use the means at one's disposal to meet situations effectively

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having inner resources

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Kenya has lost a resourceful person who was always willing and ready to offer legal aid to those who sought his help," said the President.
Today's women were playing a pivotal role in every field of life, she said adding, RAC has a key role in making women resourceful.
PPI defines resourceful leaders as those that see opportunity when faced with adversity and are secure enough to allow others to lead in certain situations.
"Life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful," he said.
company, we are currently seeking to enlist over 50 resourceful and goal oriented individuals or competent company with excellent track records to promote, sell our products and also act as our companies payment representative in which our customers can make payments through you to our comany in Asia.
But this is a resourceful region, with resourceful and enterprising business people - and a region that has made giant strides in the last decade or so.
A group of resourceful French women (including Julie, daughter of Gerard, Depardieu) are enlisted into the British Special Operations Executive under the command of Louise Desfontaines (Sophie Marceau) and her brother Pierre.
Projects funded tend to be (a) small-scale, resourceful, and student-focused; (b) focused on character/moral education, conflict resolution, multiculturalism, community service, or other aspects of tolerance education; (c) clearly defined, well-integrated, and related to students' own life experiences; (d) creatively resourceful and economically responsible, involving staff participation, community volunteers, and in-kind contributions wherever possible; and (e) embedded, rather than one-time-only, events or activities that impact student and educator attitudes of discrimination and bias.
Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation of NY*NJ*CT, which brightens the lives of seriously ill children through imaginative and resourceful programs and services that empower, educate and inspire, raised more than $350,000 at their 17th Annual Celebrity Sports Auction at Madison Square Garden.
One is constantly bombarded with images of "pitiful" and "whining" Black folk and "oh, so resourceful" white folks, who are usually represented taking dignified control over their lives, not waiting for government "hand-outs."
She is smart, resourceful, a little stubborn and single-minded.
offers invaluable preparedness techniques, discreet stash management practices, bushwhacking smarts for cutting pattern jungles, gauge hazards and yarn mysteries, first responder tactics to handle antagonistic non-practitioners, foolproof methods for eye-balling measurements, improvisational recipes for the resourceful knitter for socks, hats, scarves, and shawls, and much more.
A word of advice: Don't focus so much on getting people to help you Concentrate on looking for ways to be resourceful, enterprising, and a source of encouragement.
The resourceful pioneers turned a nuisance into a solution after discovering the moistened clay acted as a good lubricant for squeaky wheels.
While Pfingsten notes the challenge in converting a former basketball arena into a rec facility, resourceful thinking helped.