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the organic process in which the substance of some differentiated structure that has been produced by the body undergoes lysis and assimilation

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The search in Pubmed is shown below: (((("Root Resorption"[Mesh]) OR root resorption*)) AND ((((orthodontic*) OR orthodontic tooth movement) OR "Tooth Movement Techniques"[Mesh]) OR tooth movement)) AND (((((((((diode laser) OR near infrared laser) OR red laser) OR "Laser Therapy"[Mesh]) OR laser therapy) OR "Phototherapy"[Mesh]) OR phototherapy) OR "Low-Level Light Therapy"[Mesh]) OR low level laser*).
Compared with placebo, rosozumab correlated with a significant decrease in resorption parameters in cancellous bone (median eroded surface [ES]/BS: romosozumab 1.8 percent and placebo 3.4 percent) and endocortical bone (median ES/BS: romosozumab 1.6 percent and placebo 6.3 percent).
Thereby, the mental foramen can be located more precisely in both the horizontal and vertical dimensions.13 A method for measuring the rate of residual resorption, using orthopantamogram, was given by Wical and Swoope.14 In a study conducted by Karaagaclioglu et al15, the percentage of decreased mandibular ridge height was found to be 21.88% with edentulous age.
Bone resorption outpaces bone formation in people who sleep less than the seven to nine hours that is recommended for adults.
Resorption begins at the gum line where the whites hit the pink.
When tooth resorption occurs, cells called odontoclasts break down the dentin layer of the tooth.
Gencoglu et al (5) found that thermoplasticized gutta-percha injection techniques using Obtura II system were significantly better in obturating artificial internal resorption cavities (AIRC) than Thermafil and cold lateral compaction techniques.
Calcium hydroxide (CH) pastes have traditionally been used as an intracanal medicament to treat external inflammatory root resorption. (3,5) CH has a high pH, antimicrobial activity, and inhibits the clastic cells responsible for the progression of resorption.
Common complications include bone flap resorption, bone flap infection, hydrocephalus, seizures, and surgical site hematomas.
AP-002, is a novel molecule, that selectively targets bone resorption while also demonstrating anti-tumor activity.
We have read with great interest the article on resorption of sequestrated lumbar disc herniation with conventional therapy by Cizmeci et al.
Wherever great cellular activity exists there will be found giant-cells or osteoclasts, sometimes called resorption cells.
[5] Nevertheless, it has been assumed that light orthodontic forces enhance better cellular activity than heavy forces in the surrounding tissues, which then not only improves the resorption process but also boosts bone apposition.