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undergo resorption


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Urinalysis tests are done for the nutrients that were expelled instead of being resorbed.
Although calcium hydroxide is used successfully in deciduous tooth canal treatment, the biggest disadvantage of the material is that it can not be resorbed from the canal before the deciduous tooth physical resorption process (39,40).
Bones are dynamic structures that are continually being formed and resorbed through the constant processes of remodeling and reorganisation.
It has several disadvantages like re-infection when resorbed early and low anti-bacterial effect when compared with other materials.1,4,6,7
The ability of these cells to resorb bone was demonstrated by culturing PBMCs on bovine bone discs for 21 days.
"In remodeling, cells called osteoclasts break down (resorb) old bone and cells called osteoblasts form new bone.
Over a period of time, we expect the synthetic bone will resorb, leaving only natural bone."
While the osteoblasts synthesize bone and the osteoclasts resorb bone, osteocytes sense strain within the bone and communicate the need for bone building to the osteoblasts.
The fact that the primary tooth can resorb independently from the permanent successor has also been shown in an experimental study on dogs [Obersztyn, 1963].
would perform clinically, or over what period they would resorb.
Egypt is forecast to have a 3% economic growth in 2004, below the 5% level required to resorb unemployment.
But for Egypt, the EIU only expects a 3% growth, below the 5% level required to resorb unemployment in the most populated Arab country.