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a hollow chamber whose dimensions allow the resonant oscillation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves

an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude

any system that resonates

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You may never have an opportunity to use your Resonator on a belt-fed machine gun, but the Inconel means it will stand up to more barrels, and more ammo, than you can probably afford to shoot through your .30 rifle.
In addition, we studied the sensitivity, S, of a graphyne-based resonator, which is defined as the ratio of change in frequency to change in the attached mass, [DELTA]f /[DELTA]m, and indicates the ability of the resonator to detect the attached mass.
where [[theta]sub.1] = [beta]([L.sub.1] + [L.sub.2]), [[beta].sub.1] [[theta].sub.2]/2), [[theta].sub.3] = [beta][L.sub.3], [L.sub.4] = [beta][L.sub.4], [[theta].sub.1], [beta], Zi are the electrical length, phase constant, and characteristics impedance of resonator, respectively, [f.sub.e] = [f.sub.even]/[f.sub.r], [f.sub.o] = [f.sub.odd]/[f.sub.r], [f.sub.even], [f.sub.odd], [f.sub.r] present the even mode resonate frequency, odd mode resonate frequency, respectively.
In summary, we have presented a novel resonator structure design (WCRR) in this paper.
(1) Determine the length of the ith resonator in the vertical and horizontal directions (i = 1, 2, ..., N), according to the formulas [13]:
here m is an integer, n is the refractive index of the guiding material, and L is the circumference of the ring resonator. the muscle sensing transducer using PANDA ring resonator by OPTIFDTD is given in Fig.
The piezoelectrodes were attached on the bottom of the resonator. A simplified model is shown in Figure 1.
For automotive applications, there are several advantages of the MEMS oscillator in comparison to a traditional quartz resonator or oscillator.
The wavelengths are much larger than the distance between two resonators, so that the latter are described by a continuous distribution.
The measurements included a comparison of the sound level with a straight pipe spool piece and a pipe resonator array.
Vilcot, "Tunable band-strop defected ground structure resonator using reconfigurable dumbbell-shaped coplanar waveguide," IEEE Trans.
The resonator consists of a coplanar waveguide with a length of 15.814 mm = A/4, where A is the wavelength of the microwave resonance in the resonator.
The configuration of the proposed defected stub-loaded resonator (DSLR) unit is depicted as the white part on bottom layer in Figure 1, which consists of a defected open-loop resonator and a center loaded defected stub.
Geometry of the Resonator. Let us consider an ellipsoid of revolution filled by a dielectric medium, rotationally invariant around the z-axis and characterized by the in-plane major axis a, that is, the radius of the circumference in the plane xy, and the out-of-plane minor axis h, that is, the minor axis of the ellipse in the plane xz.
Besides the need for a broadband resonator, multiband resonators are also very demanding to support multioperation with a single resonator element.