resonating chamber

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a hollow chamber whose dimensions allow the resonant oscillation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves

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Ms Huang said the resonating chamber of the instrument was shaped like the heart.
It has an air conditioning system with six different temperature zones, and surround sound complete with a 16 litre underfloor resonating chamber to complement the acoustics.
The hood acts like a resonating chamber for any vibration.
The third method is the use of an acoustical filter, such as an expansion chamber or a resonating chamber; one or more of them along the flow route of the exhaust cancel frequencies to which they are tuned.
Researchers interpret the crest as a display device and possibly as a resonating chamber to produce sounds.
If you're using the whole of the body as your resonating chamber and you're in touch with what your groin, your gut, your liver, your heart are saying as you're saying it, the way that a baby is, then you get the experience of language and not just the linear thought of language.
The complex sound wave generated by vibrating vocal folds is filtered through the resonating chamber of air and emerges as musical tone.
Resonating chamber doors were wide open in an attempt to compensate for lack of string players in the Saint-Saens' gargantuan Organ Symphony -there was no contest when organist Jonathan Scott let fly, startling the audience and drowning everything else.
The fact that most of the resonating chamber doors were open gave an extra bloom to the initial brave trumpet calls, but added too much echo to a full orchestra.
Some prefer to call it "vibrancy" or "spin." Regardless of the name, it is merely a mechanism of the air that can be conceptualized in various resonating chambers (even low in the abdomen).
The speakers are fitted in two openings in the firewall on either side of the footwell, and cavities behind them act as resonating chambers for clear, crisp bass sounds with a high dynamic range.
Yet, despite that, the resonating chambers provided by the pharynx and oral cavity, as well as a fully adult chest capacity, were probably responsible for the unique vocal prowess of some castrati.'
He details exercises for the body, vocal passageway, breathing, and resonating chambers. Chapters discuss John Barrymore and his teacher as examples.
* A plastic intake manifold that has three additional resonating chambers and is tuned to eliminate noise.