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characterized by resonance

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A resonating silicon pressure sensor is more accurate and stable than a piezoresistive device because it exploits the mechanical properties of the single crystalline structure of silicon.
A good, old-fashioned romp through the Old West, resonating with the memories of classic cowboy movies, stories, tall tales and culture.
When you sing, sound waves form from air traveling through the larynx (voice box), vibrating at the vocal cords (small muscular folds), and then resonating (echoing) inside your mouth.
When analyzing recordings, the researchers noticed a distinctive pattern of varying pitches produced until the frog hit the resonating frequency of its niche.
Other features include its Dynamic Acoustics technology, which allows the piano to replicate the direct sounds of hammers striking string, delivering the reflective and resonating sounds of an acoustic piano performance, and its Pulse Code Modulation, which includes settings for grand, upright and electric piano and also features the tones of a harpsichord, pipe organ and strings.
The latter, a pivotal work written by late 1632, marks Campanella's shift to a pro-French position while resonating strongly with the literary form of Galileo's own three-way Dialogo, published earlier the same year.