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Synonyms for resonate

Synonyms for resonate

sound with resonance

be received or understood


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ROCX[R] created by Resonate and Ellipsis, couples the science of attribution and data driven marketing to clearly understand ROI on CX programs and initiatives.
The purpose of the Resonate music conference is to increase student engagement and develop communities of young musicians.
echoBase's Resonate mobile iPhone application significantly reduces the 30% to 50% of the doctor's time spent entering data, freeing him/her up to address more important patient needs.
Barack Obama delivers a good speech, but does he really resonate? A lot of what he says has a familiar ring to it.
Resonate isn't the most obvious winner, but he still rates a cheap buy at 4, because the chances of him running on into a place are considerable and, with the ground as testing as it is, this might be the day he goes and wins a big handicap.
Speedbumps is an enjoyable read, and Garr's meditations on having MS resonate with anyone who's experienced the onset and management of the disease--so much so that identifying with a famous Hollywood actress isn't difficult at all.
But DiNovella ends by suggesting that the musical "may resonate best with those who don't shop at Wal-Mart." The charge of "preaching to the converted" is often leveled at political theater.
Otherworldly images can resonate most deeply with our everyday lives.
Encouraging the reader to accept God's grace in order to more fully experience the richness of life, Celebrating the Rest of Your Life is a profound yet plain-spoken testimonial sure to resonate with readers regardless of individual faith.
It does resonate because it is the very, very best of our ancient past.
No word yet on how it'll resonate with Endeavor's Ari Emmanuel, who's widely believed to be one of the real-life agents who provided the model for Piven's character.
As Farrington notes, the voices of African American women artists "are now thunderous and will continue to resonate over time."
Our products seem to resonate with those that are serious about learning.