resonant circuit

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an electrical circuit that combines capacitance and inductance in such a way that a periodic electric oscillation will reach maximum amplitude

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For a lumped-circuit power amplifier, in order to approximate the ideal class F with harmonic impedance conditions of [Z.sub.1] = [Z.sub.3] = [infinity] and [ohm][]o [Z.sub.2] = 0 [ohm][]o at the device output terminal by compensating the influence of [C.sub.out], it is also advisable to use an additional parallel circuit [L.sub.2][C.sub.2] connected in parallel, as shown in Figure 4, where the series resonant circuit [L.sub.0][C.sub.0] is tuned at the fundamental.
The tuning sensitivity depends on the available capacity variation and is inversely proportional to the loaded Q of the resonant circuit. However, frequency dependency of the tuning sensitivity also must be borne in mind.
On the contrary, if the input impedance after step 1 in the broadband matching process has an inductive component and a capacitive component at the lower and higher band edge frequencies, respectively, then a series resonant circuit that has its resonant frequency occurring at the center of the operating range connected in series with the aforementioned circuit is necessary.
An oscillator utilizing a parallel resonant circuit actually will have different conditions for oscillation than its series counterpart.
The proposed converter is also included the auxiliary resonant circuit to provide the soft-commutation of the main switches ([S.sub.1], [S.sub.2]).
Waradzyn, "A single-switch class E voltage-source inverter for induction heating - influence of the parameters of the resonant circuit elements on its performance at optimal control," Prz Elektrotechniczn, vol.
It is obvious that the CPS current feeding the EMAT can not instantaneously bring into operation the parallel resonant circuit of the electromechanical transducer.
[17.] LC Series Resonant Circuit Based Soft Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Fed PMDC Drive" Dr.T.
To design and quantify a resonant circuit, a mathematical quantity must be derived that accurately describes the bandwidth (shape) of the resonance.
This LC resonant circuit implementation can also be used in contactless door switches where the damping factor or change in the LC tank's oscillation amplitude provides position information.
A resonant circuit is formed composed of the series capacitors Cm1 Cm2 the clamp capacitor Cc and the leakage inductance of the coupled inductor Lk1.
Based on the developed equivalent circuits in MATLAB simulation model created transceiver system for the magnetic component of a resonant circuit. The analysis of the electrostatic converter equivalent circuit is shown in Figure 2.
The operation frequency of resonant circuit plays the key role in performance stability.