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the ability of a microscope or telescope to measure the angular separation of images that are close together


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The voting pattern in LG polls remained same as were during 2013 General Election and people have endorsed government policies for economic revival, elimination of terrorism and steps for resolving power shortage and rejected politics of agitation and sit-ins.
IONICON PTR-TOF systems can measure trace gas samples in real-time with a high mass resolving power. Now, the fastGC module adds an optional chemical pre-separation step before the analysis.
HPIMS demonstrates higher performance over conventional IMS by offering ion mobility base separation having resolving power comparable to HPLC.
The impulse laser enables generation of strong impulses of very short duration, which allows obtaining better sensitivity and a spatial resolving power of the obtained results.
With a measurement of particles less than a half wavelength of an incident wave, however, general optical microscopes have poor spatial resolving power without toxic fluorescent indicator probes.
1 -- Moving ahead, we shot our standard studio test that has an ISO standard resolution chart to measure the resolving power of the cameras along with various other targets to measure colour reproduction, text legibility and even edge sharpness.
Once cast and polished, these seven mirrors will be arranged to function as a single mirror 80 feet in diameter, giving the 700 million-dollar GMT a resolving power 10 times greater than that of NASA's famous Hubble Space Telescope once the new instrument is up and running in northern Chile in 2020, Fox News reported.
Astronomers used Hubble's exquisite resolving power to measure positions for stars in 2002 and 2006.
In comparison with batch measurements of DLS using the Zetasizer Nano alone, the addition of FFF considerably increases the resolving power of DLS, extending the range of applications for which it can provide highly detailed information.";
The precision engineered SNAP Ultra cartridges combine industry leading resolving power, universal plug and play compatibility, and lower back pressures resulting ?n the highest performing flash chromatography cartridges available.
So the question is: Is your visual acuity and the scope's resolving power capable of seeing a .308 bullet hole at 60 yards?
It is equipped with a 24.6-megapixel 35mm full-frame size CMOS sensor "Exmor" to take advantage of the superb resolving power of high-precision lenses, said a statement.
Film Thickness 36/50[micro]m Coating thickness 20-40[micro]m Peak exposure sensitivity 470-515nm Exposure sensitivity 10-30mJ/[cm.sup.2] Resolving power >5000 lines/mm Efficiency at 470nm >50% Table of Croma Green characteristics
Second, definitive assessment of genetic similarity relationships is challenging because of the limited accuracy and resolving power of conventional methods such as pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) analysis (2) and the impracticality and expense of better performing technologies.
The zooming pan/tilt camera head combines 10X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom to extend inspection range and improve resolving power. It also can project two laser dots 1.575 inches apart onto targets in the camera's field of view, providing a measurement reference to help size defects and debris.