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put a new sole on

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The analysis of flexural and impact properties of these composites revealed that the optimum length of fiber required for banana fiber and glass fiber are different in phenol formaldehyde resole matrix [7].
President Asif Ali Zardari has apologised for excesses against Baloch people in the past and promised to resole their grievances.
On the other hand, he taught me practical things like gardening, carpentry and how to resole shoes.
The molecular distribution of phenol-formaldehyde resole studied by high-performance gel permeation chromatography (gpc) has been reported by Bain and Wagner (1984).
A 6ft 6ins customer put all his skills to the test - by asking him to resole a pair of size 22 shoes
I resole my family's sports sandals for a fraction of the cost of replacement and get better traction to boot
In this work, various molar ratios (1:1 and 9:1) of resole type phenol-parabromophenol copolymer resins were synthesized and characterized.
Volatile solvents -- butane, gas, goop (a product used to resole shoes), paint, kerosene, gun cleaning solvents, nail polish and nail polish remover, rubber cement, paint thinner, model glue, varnish, toxic markers, lighter fluid and propane.
GP 442D35 Resi-Set is a phenolic resole for pultrusion.
Amir Muqam said that he had taken responsibility to ensure provision of sui gas to far flung areas of KP and expressed resole that soon sui gas would be provided in every nook and corner of the province, adding that PML-N believes in practical work rather paperwork.
Tenders are invited for Repair of water trolleys and tanker providing and fixing peat valve replacemnet of defective bal bering old huds MS hooks and providng and fixing resole of tyre and replace of tubes under mtc booth Sector 15 Chandigarh
The chair adjourned the session after passage of resolution expressing resole to eliminate terrorists from the Pakistan soil and sympathies to the families of deceased children.
He could mend a watch, a bicycle, a burst pipe, resole your boots, put glass in your windows or tiles on your roof.
7% addition of MoldWiz INT-PRW24, and a 1% loading of ABC-25 in a phenolic resole, dramatically improved the resin's ability to wet Kraft papers that were formerly identified as difficult to wet, and prevented the treated paper from blocking, according to the company.