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tending to resist, as an influence or idea

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On Sunday, the Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the accused of resisting arrest, scuffling and cursing the policewoman.
Danny Lee Groves, 47, of Amity, is facing charges of disorderly conduct, interfering with a police officer and resisting arrest.
Also what must be considered are the severity of the crime, the immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others, whether the suspect is resisting arrest or attempting to evade arrest by flight.
Peer Tutoring in a Graduate Writing Centre: Identity, Expertise, and Advice Resisting.
The good news is that states continue to resist, and the bad news is that most of them, with Utah being one of the rare exceptions, are resisting on the wrong grounds.
These were the other ends of the anchors or "dead men," which were resisting the tendency to overturn.
This conference will present information on new materials for resisting corrosive environments, such as those encountered in sewerage and other pipe, the offshore oil industry, oil drilling and transportation, the chemical and petrochemical industries, vehicles, aircraft, marine applications, medical devices, kitchen and food equipment, and plastics packaging.
For young women at Sista II Sista in Brooklyn, resisting the violence in Iraq is closely linked to resisting violence against women of color in Bushwick.
Vetrotech Saint-Gobain, the world's leading manufacturer of fire resisting glass, has published its 2003 product selector.
So I would say that we have to continue resisting war as long as we live.
Resisting Twelve-Step Coercion: How to Fight Forced Participation in AA, NA, or Twelve-Step Treatment by Stanton Peele and Charles Bufe, with Archie Brodsky (Tucson, AZ: See Sharp Press, 2000), 204 pp,; $14,95 paper.
The Navajo (or Dineh) families are also resisting their own tribal government.
By this point, however, issues of strategy and tactics in resisting the abbey had deeply divided the peasantry into two antagonistic factions.
It is therefore a constant battle of wits--of watching, praying, resisting, and submitting to God.
As a result, the mild-mannered, slightly built person who never would consider resisting a police officer when sober may elect to physically attack that same officer when under the influence of alcohol.