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Synonyms for resilience

Synonyms for resilience

Synonyms for resilience

the physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic limit


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an occurrence of rebounding or springing back

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The Forum will also feature on Sunday, 8 November 2015, six Topical Roundtable Discussions with a number of leading UN agencies and partners to debate key challenges for fostering resilience in the context of the Syria crisis, including mobilizing support for critical interventions in education and child protection; ensuring safety and protection for women and girls and enabling their participation as agents of change for sustainable peace; strengthening institutional capacities at municipal levels to support community resilience; addressing resilience building in conflict-affected areas in Iraq; promoting sustainable livelihoods and food security in vulnerable communities; and addressing migration and displacement challenges.
Considering the magnitude of recent catastrophic events, it's clear that resilience is a major issue for society," said Ettouney.
For his part, Gauvin-Lepage (2013) conducted an empirical study with the aim of co-constructing the elements of an intervention program that would support the resilience process of families of adolescents with a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury, involving both families and rehabilitation professionals.
Fostering the culture shift that will be required to build resilience.
The Office of Resilience will have a number of key mandates, including:
Informed by biological and ecological understandings of complex systems, resilience is a response to non-linear causation.
Jerry White, deputy assistant secretary in the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations, has written extensively on post-crisis resilience, including a 2009 book "Getting Up When Life Knocks You Down: Five Steps to Overcoming a Life Crisis.
To evaluate the impact of the workshop, the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC), a 25-item self-rating measure of resilience, was administered to 65 mostly male veterans with at least one deployment, participating in the workshop over a 4-year period.
Released in August by the National Academies, the report said improving resilience to natural and human-caused disasters should be considered a long-term process that can be coordinated around measurable, short-term goals.
The CD-RISC was readministered to the 46 veterans who completed the work-shop, indicating significant improvements in resilience scores, with a "fairly decent moderate effect size" of about 15%, Dr.
Among the comments submitted by the Portland Cement Association, prior to the January 14 deadline, were those addressing functional resilience.
Resilience is considered a personality characteristic that moderates the negative effects of stress and promotes adaptation (Wagnild & Young, 1993).
compile 24 chapters that examine the process of resilience in adults, with discussion of genetic and physiological factors; cognitive, affective, and behavioral models; personal, family, organizational, and community processes; how resilience contributes to health and well-being; why and what happens when resilience processes fail; ethnic and cultural dimensions; and methodological challenges and innovations in the study of resilience.
Resilience and Transformation: Preparing Australia for Uncertain Futures Steven Cork (Editor)
NASA orders additional Resilience Firewall Appliances