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Synonyms for residual

Synonyms for residual

something left after other parts have been taken away

(often plural) a payment that is made to a performer or writer or director of a television show or commercial that is paid for every repeat showing

relating to or indicating a remainder


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In this work, quenching residual stresses in T-section 7050 aluminum alloy forging were studied by a combination using of finite element analysis and three experimental methods according to the forging geometry.
The results indicated a decrease in residual monomer concentration with storage time.
The residual outliers were created in the first n' observation, where n' is the total number of the outlying observations.
That will complicate things in the residual space even more, said Moore, since as of now, residuals are based on a fixed license fee rather than ad revenues.
The one of the most important technological challenges in turning aluminum alloys, have generally analyzed in this paper (example of residual stress measurement) includes:
That number does not include the residual checks for commercials, which the ad industry deposits through payroll companies such as Talent Partners.
In turn, we believe that rising middle distillate crack spreads could add downward pressure on residual fuel oil cracks as we enter 2010, resulting in wider light-heavy spreads and wider sulphur and viscosity differentials among residual fuels.
Summerhays, president and chief executive officer of the Workers' Compensation Fund of Utah, said state funds not only have a duty to serve the residual market, but they also have a duty to remain fiscally sound.
861-8 provides a two-step process in which these expenses are charged against gross income; first, expenses are allocated to the classes of gross income to which they are definitely related and, second, they are apportioned (within the class(es) of gross income) among statutory and residual groupings of gross income.
It comprises reducing a content of the residual aldehyde to be 100 ppm or less, a content of residual butyric acid to be 100 ppm or less, a content of residual 2-ethyl-2-hexanal to be 100 ppm, and a content of a residual acid catalyst to be 300 ppm or less.
The residual stresses present in cast metal components can significantly improve or diminish a component's typical life cycle.
Editorial deals with the investigation of biosolids from the treatment of water, residual wastes from municipalities and industries, policy analysis, process controls, economics and the management of toxic residuals.
IFRS makes constant reference to value: recoverable value, residual value, fair value, useful value.
A new family of non-chlorinated, nonflammable, non-ozone-depleting, and non-carcinogenic flushing solvents for polyurethane equipment reduces costs by leaving less residual contamination in the mixhead.