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a physician (especially an intern) who lives in a hospital and cares for hospitalized patients under the supervision of the medical staff of the hospital

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He had presented with depression and felt insulted by one of our resident physicians in the way he had interacted with him during his visit.
Objective: To assess physical activity among resident physicians in the postgraduate training programs of Saudi Board in Aseer region, KSA.
The toddler regained consciousness after his father pulled him from the bottom of the pool and performed CPR, said Nicole Nourmand, a resident physician at Olive View Medical Center.
Clint Adkins who had been a former resident physician at the defendant hospital when the plaintiff was treated at the hospital.
Once in labor and delivery, the resident physician and nursing assessments showed consistently elevated blood pressure throughout the night.
The idea of the facility was conceived by Antiguan residents Hans and Nancy Smit, along with Dr Tom Martin, now the resident physician.
Bill Nelson (D-FL) introduced the bipartisan Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act, a bill designed to address the growing physician shortage and its strain on the health care system and patients access to quality care.
All three programs anticipate having their first resident physician on board by July 2017.
Previously, he held positions including resident physician at Rush University Medical Center and Resurrection Medical Center, and also brings to the table sales and marketing experience from his time at General Electric.
Grace Tanzo, resident physician at Allah Valley Medical Specialists Center, said Cuntapay suffered bruises on the left side of her face and had to be admitted because her blood pressure shot up.
The meeting also discussed the complete training requirements that require the completion of end-of-the-year tests and part I and II tests, as well as assessing the interns in the most wanted manner, improve and develop the role of resident physician in the specialized medical programme, in addition to providing research based on modern scientific method for all resident doctors.
The attending physician or chief resident communicates the order orally, and the resident physician enters it into the computer system.
He is developing curricula to teach medical students and resident physician financial literacy.
The key for the resident physician is to become knowledgeable about practice management and look ahead as he or she considers taking the path that leads from employment to buying in as a shareholder.
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