residence time

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the period of time spent in a particular place

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This article presents the effect of the melt viscosity on the filling degree, residence time distribution, temperature and die pressure in a modular co-kneader.
UHPH at inlet temperatures of between 20 C and 55 C did not lead to the significant inactivation or germination of the spores, possibly due to the less than one-second residence time under pressure.
The design is specifically aimed at removing maximum moisture levels with the shortest possible residence time when connected to a pneumatic pellet sample line.
Heating rate is also one of the dominating influential factors for oil shale pyrolysis, besides pyrolysis temperature and residence time.
0") machines are not ideal because the long residence time in the barrel and screw channels will degrade the extrudate.
1 which estimates the residence time of powders in the feed frame of a tablet press (5), if the turret speed (St) is fixed and since both the feed frame volume (Vff) and die fill volume (Vd) are constants the only possible way to vary residence time is by varying the number of active stations; therefore, ten and two active stations were used for the low and high residence time respectively.
If carbon has a short residence time in soils, global warming can't speed up the rates too much of exporting carbon to the atmosphere," Galy said.
In this process residence time and temp in pre-mixer is crucial as higher residence time (> 30 sec) and temp.
This species does not use debris for camouflage in the web and correspondingly was found to have a much shorter average residence time (Table 1).
Whatever the application, the low quantity of product in the Turbulizer and short residence time provide efficient use of installed power.
Parts on residence time, forcing, the carbonate system, water speciation and water-rock reactions are particularly heavy going.
Capable of handling samples from batches as small as 85 ml, the mixer is available with two mixing head sizes, depending upon the residence time necessary.
A patented, recently developed segmented system is able to control the residence time of each food particle by emulating a series of retort-like cans.
That will, in turn, tell how pollutants move across the Earth's surface, their residence time in certain areas, and the impact of other climatological factors, and will reveal more about how all of these different particulate forms interact.