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'We are continuously reshuffling and rotating the assignments of our airport personnel to re-energize our workforce, eliminate boredom, and enable our employees to take on new tasks and responsibilities that will enable them to gain added experience and skills,' Medina said in a statement.
According to sources, the former petroleum minister is displeased over the reshuffling of his portfolio.
'We cannot bring the state machinery to a grinding halt by reshuffling each and every official in the province,' Mr Riaz said in a candid media talk here on Wednesday.
That move is the most recent and followed a previous reshuffle in February 2017, when the Egyptian Parliament approved reshuffling nine ministries, mainly limited to economic and social welfare portfolios.
KARACHI -- The Sindh police has planned a massive reshuffling in the police department and transfer of several senior officials is expected ahead of upcoming general elections.
'Reshuffling should have a consultation with the proper person who handles the regional directors and evaluate their performances,' the position paper added.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 2 (ANI): Criticizing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the recent cabinet reshuffling, the Congress party said that the Government should make its ministers journalists and appoint journalists as ministers as the journalists are speaking like ministers.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The reshuffling of public officials is now expected to affect financial institutions, as part of a sweeping purge that has been continuing since a graft probe -- which has implicated four former Cabinet ministers -- became public on Dec.
But a senior ruling party member said, ''Cabinet reshuffling is expected to take place on 27th.''
ISLAMABAD, December 09, 2009 (Balochistan Times): The grouping among ministers and state ministers and strong opposition by three senior ministers have forced the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to defer his decision of reshuffling the federal cabinet.
By Muna Awwad Now that the cabinet reshuffle has already taken place, the judgments are more likely to be directed towards Dahabi himself, as the individual who had the full eligibility to make his own decisions on reshuffling his cabinet depending on the successes and failures of his previous team; the choices he made are now under scrutiny to determine whether he had maintained or lost his credibility.
2 man should be taken seriously but that Koizumi has the final say in any cabinet reshuffling.
Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid may soon restructure his government instead of just reshuffling his cabinet, following greater regional autonomy given to local governments, Regional Autonomy Minister Ryaas Rasyid said Monday.
As Mr Blair started phoning the winners and losers, wife Cherie left No 10 and quipped: "I don't think he's reshuffling me."
ISLAMABAD -- Following the appointment of Sohail Mehmood as foreign secretary decision has been taken to carry out massive reshuffling in Pakistan embassies in world countries.