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the act of shipping again (especially by transferring to another ship)

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One more import plant has requested authorization for reshipment of imports as exports.
Thus, under the agreement, infringers using signatory countries as entrepots or reshipment centers are subject to anti-counterfeiting provisions of the treaty even if they forgo sales of illicit products in these countries.
Mauritius is a free port where goods intended for reshipment can be received and stored without payment of duties, he said adding that there is need for enhanced awareness and cultural exchange.
But, slapping paint over container placards slated for reshipment is sloppy.
the inclusion of library materials in reshipment inspection and the Form "M" process, formation of taxes and customs duties on books and educational materials and, according to Dada (2007), the notorious "due process" formality is perhaps the most important problem, which is cumbersome and should not be a part of library book procurement.
The shipment of freight into Duluth allowed for reshipment by vessels down the Great Lakes or continuation by rail by means of any one of the seven American railroads that operated out of Duluth or Superior, Wisconsin.
Negotiations are continuing between the Cyprus Port Authority (CPA) and Energy 8 over the British company's application to use Larnaca port as a container transhipment and reshipment hub, which may generate up to 450 new jobs and as much as e1/413 million per year in port fees.
Member states assume that exports to AG members will be controlled by the receiving nation's export control regime once in that country and therefore are not subject to unauthorized reshipment. Critics of this exemption maintain that, in practice, monitoring unlicenced shipments is almost impossible, and that countries such as Iran and Iraq have been able to elude export controls through multiple transhipments.
Parliament also wants to tackle the issue of liability for costs arising when the shipment cannot be completed and to clarify the text to make it absolutely clear that any country has the right to ban imports both of radioactive waste for final treatment (except in the case of reshipment) and foreign spent fuel for final disposal.
Another handles the refurbishment and reshipment of office furniture coming off lease.
In some cases, the original packaging may not be strong enough for reshipment. For a product to qualify, moreover, it must be packed in such a way that every store, even those with the smallest orders, receives a full case.
Reshipment to Holland was estimated to deprive the Crown's treasury annually of [pounds sterling] 10,000.
Trucks come into one loading dock and their cargoes are redistributed, based on destinations, to other trailers for quick reshipment.