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Synonyms for reshape

shape anew or differently

shape again or shape differently

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The reshaping of Japan and Germany during the Cold War is often seen as a successful model to be applied to any other country.
A further engagement event on reshaping breast assessment care will take place on 23rd July at Canal Court Hotel, Newry.
Financial technology (or fintech) has created a revolution in the delivery of traditional financial services, reshaping the financial landscape as it meets customer demands for inclusiveness, ease, speed and affordability, he said.
Industry leaders and luminaries will gather for a discussion and experience-sharing on how AI is enabling digital transformation and reshaping the world we live in.
Changing consumer behaviors are affecting the way modern companies do business, 'FinTech Conference 2018 - Reshaping Financial Services' has invited leading technology partners, including LG CNS, Toppan Forms, and Wacom, to discuss how financial technologies have benefited major financial institutions and insurance agencies.
needs reshaping, the midfield needs looking got to make that gap up - and it's a big gap."
ISLAMABAD -- Speaker here Friday at a Seminar opined that universities contain a vital role in reshaping societies and they must have practical initiatives to solve the societal issues.
By reshaping part of a structure known C-Ala in a way the researchers compared to reshaping an airplane's wing to serve as its tail.
The New "I Do": Reshaping Marriage for Skeptics, Realists and Rebels considers modern marriage and its challenges and offers a creative, critical look at how one can marry more consciously and creatively.
Reshaping metropolitan America; development trends and opportunities to 2030.
"The idea is that people can come for a private wig fitting and if the hairpiece needs redesigning or reshaping, I can cut it accordingly," said Vanessa.
The Dubai Conference, set to tale place on May 21 is designed to help decision-makers explore ways that IT is reshaping business, and how Fujitsu is supporting the changing role of organisational IT in response, a statement from the company said.
The theme of this year's Fujitsu Forum will be "Reshaping ICT - Reshaping Business."
Zuba'e added, "Parliament is serious in reshaping some ministries that do not serve but the ministers themselves; though some refuse reshaping the cabinet because ministries designed according to quotas."
Virgin said that, as chief financial officer, Ms Southern was instrumental in reshaping the business to reduce costs during the downturn and her focus will now be on driving the airline's recovery.