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Synonyms for reshape

shape anew or differently

shape again or shape differently

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She described the path of putting up Reshape Life as full of challenges, not exactly a bed of roses.
But what the US backs is often the disruptive force, which frustrates its attempt to reshape the country.
Herr said, "Oxford is pleased to provide capital to ReShape Medical for the commercialization of its product.
| WELCOME: Velta Maguire (left) and Georgina Richardson, both medical secretaries (pictured right) at the Reshape Clinic and an oak panelled consultation room
NR chairman Rick Haythornthwaite said: "My priority when joining Network Rail was to reshape the non-executive element of the board.
Volvo Car Corporation, a Sweden-based automaker, is planning to reshape its future model range.
Asked what he will do to reshape Assembly, he said will commit most of his times to listening to the members concerns and encourage participatory discussions to arrive at possible solutions to address assembly issues.
His most recent book discusses how climate change and energy trends will reshape the planet, how shifting population trends will transform the workforce, how radical innovation trends will competitively drive business, how astounding medical trends will enhance people's lives, how terrorism trends will threaten the individual, and how the rise of China will bring on a new global power struggle.
I tell people, "This is a doable do: to reshape the enterprise, to meet the objectives we've laid out." It is a major team effort, and great traction was certainly established before I came.
(More on this next week.) God is going to regather and reshape God's people in preparation for the coming of the Messiah.
The program will reshape the division of work between the production lines in different countries.
But regardless of how Hollywood and others try to reshape our moral values, gay marriage discounts what we know to be right in our heart of hearts."
Her best friend's life depends on whether she can reshape the future with hope instead of an endless, cyclical repetition in this involving novel that portrays past life regression as an ordinary, skeptical, yet overwhelmed and bewildered teenager might see it.
Although he looks at how "high" culture sought to reshape "popular" culture, he frequently reminds us that traditional summer pleasure gardens "were a synthesis of high and low cultures (even if seating arrangements at performances rigidly segregated the classes)" and that in late imperial Russia "the boundaries between elite and popular cultures [were] porous, imprecise and ever shifting."