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Jenny Wilding Cardon's RESEW: TURN THRIFT-STORE FINDS INTO FABULOUS DESIGNS (9781604680270, $24.99) tells how to turn common thrift-store items into stylish original designs.
It's that feeling of accomplishment that fuels us while we rip out stitches, resew a seam and reposition askew appliques.
The 'turnabout technique' is used to slice and turn these slices into a unique production, with each chapter focusing on a single block and how it can be sewed, sliced, turned, and resewed. 24 quilt patterns for laps, runners, and more offer plenty of construction option.
The branch structure can be strengthened by several sutures to the nearby metal skeletons of the graft, with metal markers resewed on both ends of the side branch for location.
'The woman resewed the one sleeve of the smock into a full smock for her son'
Mom was very particular--she didn't want any "raw" edges showing in the rugs, so sometimes she resewed the rags the women had prepared.
25% of the apartments in the new building--which is expected to be ready for occupancy in early spring--have already been resewed.
The blogs are used as "a virtual extension of the classroom," and they are used at three levels: "a classroom web space, where announcements are displayed and work of common interest is posted; a public, personal communication zone, where students post the results of their work or reflection; and a private personal space, resewed for students' thoughts and teacher guidance" (Downes, 2004).
Rosser's loopy stitches and resews the patches with her own even buttonhole stitch.