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But after languishing for nearly seven years in Indonesia - where he cannot legally work, access public services or obtain citizenship - Ebrahim recently received bad news: His resettlement is unlikely to ever happen.
Those refugees residing in Indonesia face the additional obstacle that the United States and Australia, the two main resettlement destinations for refugees here, have put in place more stringent immigration policies, further decreasing their already long odds.
Vargas added: "In general, resettlement countries were more generous in the past about providing opportunities in this part of the world.
Resettlements from Turkey continue to increase steadily.
Today, the Commission has adopted its 14th progress report on relocation of asylum seekers within the EU and resettlement of refugees from outside the EU.
Until Yong's field work in 1997, no study of this forced resettlement existed.
The final chapter, Chapter 6, turns naturally to suggestions for the future on the question of resettlement.
In contrast to seasonal migration, however, there was also the more permanent migration of agricultural resettlement (pereselenie) in which peasants from the Russian hinterland relocated to "new places" in Siberia and other eastern and southern areas and rarely if ever returned.
Most of the peasants who participated in this "exodus" did not write about their experiences and, as a result, most research on late imperial resettlement has not considered the peasants' view of the process.
Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos said: "After the positive trends we have seen on both relocation and resettlement following summer, now is the moment to sustain them.
Implementation continues to be on track under the EU resettlement scheme of July 2015, with more than half of the agreed 22,504 resettled so far.
The European Commission is proposing today an EU Resettlement Framework to establish a common European policy on resettlement to ensure orderly and safe pathways to Europe for persons in need of international protection.
By establishing a permanent framework with harmonised practices we can ensure faster procedures, allowing us to gradually scale up our joint resettlement commitments.
The number of resettlements from Turkey continues to increase as Member States finalise their assessments of files referred to them by Turkey, via the UNHCR.
In total, 19 Member States and 1 Associated State have indicated that they foresee over 12,000 places for resettlements from Turkey.