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settled in a new location


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These frustrations are what make resettled poor and vulnerable families often think they lose more than they gain in overall well-being as a result of resettlement.
Among instructions is providing food products and other necessary things to those temporarily resettled from Aksai village.
A total of 28 families have been resettled across Cardiff and the Vale since May 2016 - some 16 of whom have moved to the capital.
In a statement, the embassy said a total of 180 Syria refugees will travel to Spain on Thursday while the rest of the group will be resettled in the EU nation over the next few months.
How can refugee settlement be conceptualized and implemented in ways that foster long-term belonging and meaningful participation in civic life for resettled refugees?
Refugee resettlement across the state has declined dramatically since 2016 when 916 people resettled in Idaho.
The family will be resettled inPenarthin a community resettlement scheme run by the United Nations and the Home Office.
Jordan confirmed the Syrian citizens entered its territory to be resettled in Western countries in weeks.
RESCUE workers known as the White Helmets are expected to be resettled in Britain after an evacuation from Syria's conflict-scarred southern border.
Safadi briefed Lavrov on details related to the entry of around 400 Syrians to Jordan to be resettled in Western countries.
class="MsoNormalMy main target is to have as many squatters as possible resettled and issued with title deeds in Lamu.
The UK, Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands have resettled hundreds of refugees in implementation of these recommendations and to activate the existing cooperation programme.
Texas has resettled dramatically fewer refugees in the past year, figures from Refugee Services of Texas show.