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Synonyms for reset

device for resetting instruments or controls

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set to zero

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adjust again after an initial failure


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This means, that it is possible to switch circuit from any random power-up state into a single fixed state using a set of resetting signals.
Although c-fos and jun-B serve many different purposes in cells throughout the brain, they appear to have a specific role in the resetting process, he says.
Resetting the force reflects how TACOM LCMC helps prepare units for upcoming training and deployments, while positioning the Army to be more responsive to emerging threats and contingencies.
The hedge reset program entails resetting existing power/gas hedges that were acquired along with the purchase of Texas Genco (Legacy Hedges), to reflect the current market prices and entering into new, longer-dated gas hedges.
Fitch believes that the 2004 borrowers who are rate resetting for the first time in 2006 are less likely to face this obstacle since home values rose between 2004 and 2006.
The integrated offering provides users with the option of resetting their password through an automated voice verification system.
NYSE:FPL) and FPL Group Capital Inc announced today the basis for resetting the interest rate on FPL Group Capital's Series B Debentures due February 16, 2008 ("Debentures") in connection with the proposed November 10, 2005 remarketing of the Debentures.
This new product suite extends AIMS' user provisioning and end-to-end password management offering to include three different methods for resetting passwords over the phone, including using an employee configured Personal Identification Number (PIN), voice identification or RSA SecurID token.
announced today the basis for resetting the interest rate on FPL Group Capital's Series A Debentures due February 16, 2007 ("debentures") in connection with the proposed November 10, 2004 remarketing of the debentures.
In many cases this speeds the internal approval process, allowing users to begin resetting their own passwords more quickly and accelerating the benefits of the solution.