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Synonyms for reset

device for resetting instruments or controls

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set to zero

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adjust again after an initial failure


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Simply plug your WiFi router and your modem into the Reset Plug.
The portal also provides additional flexibility for help desk users to perform password resets from remote locations via the Web application.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-August 17, 2015-Cireson introduces new Password Reset app
Now they just use their telephone to reset locked or expired passwords without delay.
Kabance and Horvath appear on the DVD that accompanies the two exercise tools--the Musician's WOW and The Reset Glove.
These bonds have been issued under several names, such as Remarketable or Redeemable Securities, Puttable Reset Securities and Mandatory Puttable/ Redeemable Securities.
Currently, yields on floating-rate issues with quarterly or semiannual resets are 50 to 70 basis points above money-market levels, a handsome payoff indeed.
Reset timers provide a delay between when a button/key is pressed and when the system resets, thereby preventing an unintended reset.
According to Gartner Research, the average password reset for an employee costs an organization $25, with resets accounting for 30% of all service desk requests.
Luxury Home Owners List Financial Time Bomb as Mortgage Resets in 07 Come Due
Since about 30 percent of calls to the IT help desk are password related and manual password resets cost an average of $10-13 per call1, automating this task across large enterprises can save significant time and money.
This line of 3-Pin Power Fail Resets reduces cost, simplifies design/board layout, and improves reliability.
All password resets, changes and vouchers are logged for regulatory compliance.
Reset features -- The Company's product automatically resets within 3 to 48 hours after carbon monoxide levels return to normal, consistent with the way the human body resets after CO has entered the bloodstream.