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Synonyms for reset

device for resetting instruments or controls

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set to zero

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adjust again after an initial failure


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However, indicative portfolios for resets that closed in October had slightly weaker credit quality.
The Reset Plug works with any WiFi router, any WiFi access point, and any broadband modem (cable modem, DSL modem, fiber modem).
Cireson, provider of service and asset management solutions, announced on Monday that it has launched its new Password Reset app, part of its Identity Management Solution for Microsoft System Center Service Manager.
a leader in risk-driven identity management software, suggests help desk password reset software as part of an organization's overall identity and access management system is key to maximizing IT efficiency in "Help Desk Password Reset Software: 5 Ways Orgs Are Taking Care of Business.
There are two main ways to reset a system into a fixed state: send a reset signal or signals; use a DFT (Design for testability) methods.
Password reset is a great example of how companies are using speech recognition to improve productivity.
Kabance and Horvath appear on the DVD that accompanies the two exercise tools--the Musician's WOW and The Reset Glove.
These bonds have been issued under several names, such as Remarketable or Redeemable Securities, Puttable Reset Securities and Mandatory Puttable/ Redeemable Securities.
But a floater with a stated five-year maturity and an accompanying quarterly reset has price volatility characteristics more like a three- or six-month instrument than a five-year bond.
In some instances, the demoralizing effects of store resets have pushed top salespeople to the point where they have left the food products industry for other industries that don't deal with supermarkets.
Fairchild Semiconductor's (NYSE: FCS) newly expanded line of reset timers provide a better solution for mobile device lock ups and freezes.
Luxury Home Owners List Financial Time Bomb as Mortgage Resets in 07 Come Due
Since about 30 percent of calls to the IT help desk are password related and manual password resets cost an average of $10-13 per call1, automating this task across large enterprises can save significant time and money.
It is essential for enabling business processes and student services such as distance learning, online registration, and remote password resets," said Dr.
All password resets, changes and vouchers are logged for regulatory compliance.