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Synonyms for reset

device for resetting instruments or controls

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set to zero

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adjust again after an initial failure


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"The amount collected as regulatory reset cost for the third regulatory period remained unused and inasmuch as the 17th Congress appropriated funds for purposes of regulatory reset, the Commission deems it prudent to refund the amounts collected by DUs for this purpose," she said.
Taking on from that premise then, the ERC chief emphasized that the amount collected as regulatory reset cost in the 3rd regulatory period which remained "unused" must be returned to the consumers.
ADSelfService Plus supports the IT help desk by reducing password reset tickets and spares end users the frustration caused by computer downtime.
Aircraft completing H-53 Reset achieve a healthy condition, are easier to maintain, and provide far greater monthly flight hour generating capacity than they did prior to reset.
Located near one of the most beautiful national parks in the world, Desert Reset offers a luxurious and safe experience.
It should only be performed after other causes of SIADH are fully worked up and the diagnosis of reset osmostat is strongly suspected.
Should he train his trigger finger to move forward far enough for the short GLOCK reset?
The mobile medical application system, called reSET, is a prescription-only adjunct treatment to outpatient therapy lasting 12 weeks that contains a patient application and clinician dashboard.
The SST26WF064C also comes with a hardware-controlled reset functionality enabling a robust device reset.
Nunes, MD, said in a statement issued by the company that developed reSET, Pear Therapeutics, that the clinical outcomes found in the pivotal study were remarkable.
La Salle is one of about a dozen schools that have pursued a tuition reset in an effort to streamline tuition costs in recent years.
Can the two of them turn back the clock and reset the future of discovery?
The movement they discovered helps to reset the eye after it twists when viewing a rotating object.
Symantec noted that the API on Android Nougat can only be used to set a password, but can't be used to reset the same.