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Synonyms for reset

device for resetting instruments or controls

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set to zero

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adjust again after an initial failure


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So you call your ISP, and the first thing they ask you to do is reset power to your broadband modem and your WiFi router.
While our customers have been benefiting from the reduced help desk costs that are made possible by Password Reset Server for years, we continually strive to provide them with tools that deliver better flexibility for password resets that work best for their environment," said Jonathan Cogley, founder and CEO of Thycotic.
We have really strived to help our customers and community by providing a simple and affordable solution that easily allows end-users to reset their own passwords via secure multi-factor methods channeled through text messages and email without having to bother the Service Desk ever again.
Rate Reset Co-Founder and CEO Keith Kelly reported that more than 30 lenders now use at least one of Rate Reset's platforms, and that with the addition of MAFCU, 26 of those lenders are credit unions.
Repair and funding for Reset NS-E is also through AMC.
We are trying to adapt the way we reset to allow us to do that," Dunwoody said.
The target of the initial reset is debatable, but should include Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMISs), individual night vision devices (NVDs), and individual weapons (to include M240 machineguns).
Reset may not have raced in the northern hemisphere, but breeders can get a good line on him via his defeat of top miler Starcraft in the Group 1 Australian Guineas at Flemington.
Password reset is a great example of how companies are using speech recognition to improve productivity.
The patented Musicians WOW tool warms up, resets, exercises, strengthens and tones the body.
In Windows Server 2003 you can create a password reset disk for any local user account on a member server (a nondomain controller in a domain) or stand-alone server (a server in a workgroup).
A reset pin (/RST) drives the processor-reset input during power faults, power-up and -down, and software lockups.
In addition to its highly competitive pricing, Password Reset saves money with minimal implementation and maintenance costs.
While holding down the Power button, insert the reset tip into the Reset hole to press and release the reset button.
Vocent, a provider of voiceprint authentication solutions, has announced the availability of Voice Secure -- Password Reset 2.