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The Center is a public legal entity engaged in activities in the areas of study from a scientific, historical and cultural point of view, propaganda, preservation, development and purposeful use of monuments, elements belonging to the historical, tangible and intangible cultural heritage at the State Agency for Tourism, as well as increasing the tourist potential of nature reserves.
To see how much banks of different sizes and nationalities are holding in excess reserves, we analyze quarterly call report data from the first quarter of 2006 to the first quarter of 2015.
banks holding the liquidity being pumped into the economy by the Federal Reserve as excess reserves instead of making more loans?
The Federal Reserve began paying interest on reserves (IOR) balances held in accounts in October 2008.
List of provisional candidates and reserves for Geographical Constituency of Lakes state (GONU): Yirol West Constituency No.
Kane said that also included in the guidance was the establishment of an observer/controller/mentor relationship between the active and reserves that is focused on realistic training to standard that will prepare all SDDC units for their worldwide missions.
(6) Richard Weinblatt, "Reserves Aid Rural Counties," Law and Order, January 2001, 30-31.
The bad news is that much of the world's oil reserves are in the custody of unstable and sometimes hostile regimes.
The American Council of Life Insurers' recent proposal to provide short-term relief from redundant reserves for writers of term life and universal life with secondary guarantees is gaining steam.
It is designed to help condominium, co-op and planned unit development (PUD) boards and property managers benchmark their association's financial condition, calculate assessments and necessary replacement reserves, and evaluate budgets.
All depository institutions must hold a percentage of certain types of deposits as reserves in the form of vault cash, as a deposit in a Federal Reserve Bank, or as a deposit in a pass-through account at a correspondent institution.
Rod Fujita, an Oakland, California-based senior scientist with Environmental Defense who was instrumental in setting up marine reserves in the Florida Keys and the Channel Islands of California, is the author of Heal the Ocean: Solutions for Saving Our Seas (New Society Publishers).
Reserves relating to acquisition or restructuring are liabilities deemed to have been incurred as of a certain period with the reasonable expectation that cash will be disbursed in the near future as the related bills become due and payable (such as payroll and health benefits).
Drayton Reserves v Hartshill Sports Reserves, Abbey Social Reserves v New Dolphin Reserves, Haunchwood Sports Reserves v Pig & Whistle Reserves, Ford Sports Reserves v Ridge Lane Reserves, Trent Valley WMC Reserves v Exhall Reserves, Collycroft Goose Reserves v Hartshill Sports Lions, Coton Liberal Thirds v Nuneaton Prince Reserves, Ambleside Reserves v Arbury Tavern Reserves, Fife Street Reserves v Wentworth Warriors.