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The girls are quite at liberty to act as they please, but I reserve my equal liberty to exclude them from my college if I do not approve of their behavior.
NORTH NIGERIA--The Mark Boat was within her right in warning you off the Reserve.
Instantly the reserve regiment around us, the Greys, extended itself.
He imagined only important possibilities: "If the enemy attacks the right flank," he said to himself, "the Kiev grenadiers and the Podolsk chasseurs must hold their position till reserves from the center come up.
In fact, she could not help supposing that some littleness of nature had a part in all the refinements, reserves, and subtleties of feeling for which her friends and family were so distinguished.
I had my doubts, my reserves, where once I had given it my whole heart without question, and yet in what formed the greatness of the book it seemed to me greater than ever.
Give me my own company at my back, my artillery well posted, my reserves in position, the enemy not too strongly entrenched, and our dear old Colonel's voice shouting
Day by day he consumed more of his reserves of strength.
Martin had the feeling that he never spoke his full mind, just as he had often had the feeling that the trades never blew their strongest but always held reserves of strength that were never used.
He called up his reserves of strength, and gained his feet.
In sad subdued tones--telling of deeply-rooted reserves of feeling, seldom revealed to strangers--Emily yielded at last.
Unless we can check the mischief, her last reserves of strength will give way.
Nature, always abhorring monotony, institutes reserves of temper as elements in the composition of the gentlest women living.
He became convinced that my mother was acting like a fool; that the bailiff (a faithful servant, if ever there was one yet) was cunningly advancing his own interests by means of his daughter; and that I was a young idiot, who had developed his native reserves of imbecility at an unusually early period of life.
if I saw you, at this moment, on the point of finding out for yourself what Eustace persists in hiding from you, I should remember that my promise, like all other promises, has its limits and reserves.