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capital held back from investment in order to meet probable or possible demands

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By type of instrument, reserve assets held by the BSP constituted the largest share at 45.7 percent ($83.6 billion) of the country's external financial assets as of end-March 2019.
Reserve assets rose by 5.6 percent to $83.6 billion while residents' investments in equity capital and debt instruments of foreign affiliates increased by 4.1 percent to $54 billion.
By type of instrument, the BSP's reserve assets comprised the bulk or 43.8 percent of the country's external financial assets at $74.9 billion as of end-September 2018.
assets 21,767.8 21,767.8 0.0 Direct investment at 5,486.4 5,486.4 0.0 market value Portfolio investment 7,160.4 7,160.4 0.0 Financial derivatives 3,652.3 3,652.3 0.0 other than reserves Other investment 4,980.1 4,980.1 0.0 Reserve assets 488.7 488.7 0.0 U.S.
Based on the Central Bank's international reserves and foreign currency liquidity report, official reserve assets rose 1.5 per cent, compared to $110.3 billion at the end of March.
Reserve assets had over two-thirds share in India's international assets, followed by overseas direct investment.
The ECB uses WSS to support the management of its foreign reserve assets and to conduct monetary policy operations.
Golden Dynasty Resources Limited has launched its crypto currency gold dollar with a fundamental value backed by gold reserve assets and pegged to gold indices, the company said.
* Insurance companies are adopting ETFs as a means of investing both surplus and reserve assets: As recently as 2013 only 30% of insurance companies used ETFs to invest surplus assets, and only 6% used ETFs to invest reserve assets.
The net foreign debt is equal to gross external debt less the BNB reserve assets, commercial banksa assets abroad and non-financial sector deposits abroad.
30, 2014, international assets stood at $6.1 billion, some 44 percent in them being held by reserve assets, 30.3 percent -- by other investments, 24.6 percent -- by direct investment abroad, and 1.1 percent -- by portfolio investments.
supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined and maintained by the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
It also includes three new appendices on "Reserve Assets and Currency Unions;" "Frequently Asked Questions on the Characteristics of Reserve Assets;" and "Statistical Treatment of Lending to the IMF, Lending to IMF Managed Trusts, and Special Drawing Rights."
The rest is the difference between the drop in reserve assets in foreign currency (USD 510mn to USD 4.2bn) and an increase in other assets (USD 283mn to USD 820mn).
Special drawing rights (SDRs) are supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined and maintained by the International Monetary Fund.
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