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Synonyms for reserve

Synonyms for reserve

to have and maintain in one's possession

to cause to be set aside, as for one's use, in advance

the keeping of one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

public land kept for a special purpose

Synonyms for reserve

formality and propriety of manner

something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose

an athlete who plays only when a starter on the team is replaced

(medicine) potential capacity to respond in order to maintain vital functions

a district that is reserved for particular purpose

armed forces that are not on active duty but can be called in an emergency

the trait of being uncommunicative

hold back or set aside, especially for future use or contingency

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

obtain or arrange (for oneself) in advance

arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance

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But following 9-11, SDDC officials said it was clear that active and reserve Soldiers needed to be totally compatible if SDDC was to meet its mission.
Every day, in situations like these, reserve officers show their courage and dedication.
The Houston investment banker Matthew Simmons claims in his 2005 book Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, that the Saudis are lying about the size of their reserves and that they are really running on empty; last September he announced that "we could be looking at $10-a-gallon gas this winter.
As of December 10, 2005, the Oklahoma City Branch office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will no longer process checks, and depository institutions that were assigned to that office have been reassigned to the head office of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.
That may ease insurer ambivalence in selecting securitization as a solution for funding the Regulation Triple-X reserve.
More than 13,000 reserve troops from California are mobilized, including more than 300 Army Reserve and Army National Guard members based in Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale and Sherman Oaks.
Warner's team discovered that substantial benefits typically show up within just 3 years of a reserve being established and endure for decades.
69-302, the IRS also held that in order to qualify as a life reserve, the reserve must be calculated using actuarial tables.
First, some background: FSLIC institutions had been required to pay regular insurance premiums and, for a time, additional amounts that were treated as assets and recorded in a secondary reserve account.
All depository institutions must hold a percentage of certain types of deposits as reserves in the form of vault cash, as a deposit in a Federal Reserve Bank, or as a deposit in a pass-through account at a correspondent institution.
Because the current reserve requirements of the Standard Valuation Law focus on rule-based product definitions and not risk-based product definitions, using different combinations of mortality, interest rate and expense load guarantees to satisfy the rule-based product definitions, while still evaluating the underlying risks, would allow lower reserves than the present value based approach, he said.
The department wants to increase its reserve unit from 750 to at least 1,000 deputies to help full-time officers with daily and special-event activities.
Taking advantage of yet another unique source of manpower, MTMC is actively pursuing the use of as many as 25 additional Reserve soldiers for some of its positions.
While much of the reserve officers' appeal would be lost if they were compensated on the same wage scale as full-time officers, some agencies have experimented with paying reserve officers and other volunteers on a reduced pay scale.