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The identification and analysis of the county's rural areas from the points of view regarding the severe housing deprivation rate, represents an element of paramount importance in the migration analysis because these can be very useful for determining the attractiveness or the resentfulness regardless the size or the level of development of the town.
Rather, as Staten postulates, "we recognize in Homer's story of Achilles both levels of the economics of ressentiment described by Nietzsche, the empirical level at which Achilles suffers an actual injury for which he demands compensation and, behind this, the transcendental level at which the injury of time--Achilles' death sentence, sealed at birth" is ultimately the cause of his resentfulness." (59) As accurate as Staten's reading is, we need to reiterate the importance of Athena's sanctioning.
Sharyan Al-Samei, a 25-year-old vaccination worker who worked in Taiz governorate during the latest polio campaigns, said he saw no objection or resentfulness from the locals in Taiz when he surveyed some of its villages.
In the SQ, used to measure anger, the terms anger and hostility are interchangeable, referring to irritability, annoyance, hatefulness, fury, hot temper, infuriation and rage, belligerence, and resentfulness (Kellner, 1987).
Both clinical clusters typically portray a 4-6 configuration, which is generally associated with emotional distress, characterized by brooding, dysphoria and anhedonia, and difficulty in controlling the expression of anger, blame for their anger, sensitiveness to criticism, and resentfulness of any demands being placed on them.
This change continues to challenge me to love unconditionally, to forgive consistently, and to stay true to my calling rather than succumbing to bitterness and resentfulness.
Exile, entailing movement, running away or relocating of people from one social place to another, either willingly or coercively, and transnationalism have become paradoxical as they both generate cultural ambivalence and resentfulness in the exile.
Consistent with Arshad and Sparrow (2010), the respondents were asked to indicate how strongly they had experienced the following emotions: "betrayal," "anger," "resentfulness," "shock," insecurity," "lack of trust," "unfairness," and "disappointment" as a result of unmet expectations from the employment relationship using a five-point scale ranging from 1=none at all to 5=very strong.
Nonetheless, improving the access and road infrastructure together with a nice weather can lead to travelers' resentfulness to approach the ski resort given the crowded roads leading to the ski resort (passers-by affluence decreases once there are signs of heavy traffic) and prematurely wearing out the road infrastructure, and hence, the importance of systematically and nonlinearly examining tourism activity.
Ironically, had Othello understood resentfulness' malign effects--possessed empathy for his tormentor--he might have avoided disaster.
"Every stone built in the Apartheid Wall, every axe strike digging under the Al-Aqsa Mosque and every house destroyed by Israel will increase the intensity of resistance and resentfulness. However, cooperation with Palestinians will give Israel the hope for a future, dominated by serenity and peacefulness."
His anger and accusations spun her situation into a vicious cycle of guilt, resentfulness and further alcohol abuse..
Al-Zaidi has every right to feel hostility and resentfulness toward the face of his nation's ruination although the way that he expressed his feelings is not acceptable.
A show of resentfulness - a refusal to communicate and an attitude of general disengagement and minimal contribution, that can seriously affect departmental efficiency.
Brittle and hysterical, simmering with the resentfulness of a late-in-life child whose awareness of her mother's vulnerability spiraled not into concern but bitter hurt, Justina contributes equally to show what an exasperating wall Therese's meekness can represent.