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Synonyms for resentful

Synonyms for resentful

Antonyms for resentful

full of or marked by resentment or indignant ill will


References in classic literature ?
It was as if a clumsy clod had trod upon his toe and he conceived it to be his privilege, his duty, to use deep, resentful oaths.
The scout comprehended the action, and very deliberately pursued his own way, continuing, however, his denunciations against the French commander in the same resentful strain.
Do you speak these words to me, Hepzibah?" said Clifford,--not angrily, however; for when a man's spirit has been thoroughly crushed, he may be peevish at small offences, but never resentful of great ones.
She could almost be angry herself at such angry incivility; but she checked the resentful sensation; she remembered her own ignorance.
Also, he was teasingly interested in the certain small garments on which Dede worked, while she was radiantly happy over them, though at times, when his tender fun was too insistent, she was rosily confused or affectionately resentful.
Each day he found that he was more passionately devoted to her; and his unsatisfied love became angry and resentful.
It seemed incredible that all this malice and injury had been wrought upon the room by those who had called it for a time their home; and yet it may have been the cheated home instinct surviving blindly, the resentful rage at false household gods that had kindled their wrath.
Nietzsche refuses to be confounded with those resentful and revengeful ones who condemn society FROM BELOW, and whose criticism is only suppressed envy.
She did not catch the words of the muttered comment, but the rough laughter it raised made her guess and warmed her checks with resentful blood.
Then, sitting in Beth's little chair close beside him, Jo told her troubles, the resentful sorrow for her loss, the fruitless efforts that discouraged her, the want of faith that made life look so dark, and all the sad bewilderment which we call despair.
I am so proud and so hardened, so confused and troubled, so resentful and unjust to every one and to myself, that everything is stormy, dark, and wicked to me.
Tyler is deeply resentful of Jim and schemes to break up the happy couple by tempting her best friend to stray with writer Marty (Dermot Murphy).
We don't envy the attention to Notre-Dame, but we cannot help feeling resentful about the inequality that becomes evident in these times
However angry people are at having won the referendum, however resentful they are that their views are aired in a free press, they should still show some respect for the seasoned democracy that allows them those liberties.
This cast revealing light on the family's often stormy relationships - continuing to the present day with daughter Claire, now deputy team boss, and her feud with resentful older brother Jonathan.