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Synonyms for resemble

be like


Synonyms for resemble

to be similar to, as in appearance

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have undergone reconstructive surgery to resemble her, as well.
I am thrilled by the good news of Rachel's safe delivery and health of the handsome colt who resembles her," said Barbara Banke, whose late husband Jess Jackson campaigned both Rachel Alexandra and Curlin.
Summary: A New Zealand man has blown his savings on a strangely-shaped fruit that resembles a Kiwi bird.
Rejected by the Council of Legendary Figures for his unabashed Santa-envy, Frost resembles the Satan of Milton's ``Paradise Lost,'' a pitiful, strangely sympathetic figure whose original sin was to venture higher than his lot, thinking it better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
A winning lottery ticket does not closely resemble either capital or ordinary income.
Just as schools grow their residential dining options to resemble retail, they are also attracting new commercial operations onto campus.
Strange, / how your underwear, discarded / (I later observe) / does not resemble / a glacier at all.
The Rofan resemble lupine Klingans, with the same penchant for violence.
The epithelial cells usually resemble those in nonkeratinizing squamous epithelium; less commonly, they resemble columnar gland-like cells with a clear cytoplasm, and in rare cases they resemble duct-like structures.
Viruses or worms that are spread undetected but are activated at a later date (as was the case with the Michelangelo virus, discovered in 1991 and still around) resemble latent microbes, such as HIV.
The columnist noted that the site argues that dinosaurs may still be alive today and even claims to have photos, although as Michael mentioned, "Most of these prehistoric creatures resemble a cross between Pete's Dragon and a sock puppet, a testament to the science-fiction B-films of yesteryear.
First-time lead Colin Farrell, who resembles a dark, kittenish Brad Pitt, clearly doesn't need any touching up to be model-gorgeous: He singlehandedly makes the film resemble Abercombie & Fitch Goes to Vietnam.
In the first stage of cancer, initiation, a cell's DNA is damaged through mutation, causing a differentiated cell to resemble an immature one, in effect reversing the process of differentiation.
By contrast, the modus operandi of private regulators can resemble the rough tactic of bounty hunters, whose decisions are driven by the profit motive and who are, therefore, less easily manipulated than is government.
Nathan Slaughter, the title character of Nick of the Woods, in seeking to exterminate the "savage" Native Americans, only comes to resemble the savage of his imagination all the more (62-63).