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Synonyms for resemble

be like


Synonyms for resemble

to be similar to, as in appearance

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He told Senior Resident Magistrate Ruth Kefa that as a mitumba dealer, he cannot tell what is inside a bale until he opens it.At the same time, the trader said a directive by former Inspector-General Joseph Boinnet in January ordering police to arrest anyone found donning clothes that resemble military or police uniforms, was aimed at killing businesses.
The company offers standard procedures like breast augmentation and facial surgeries for eyes and nose, but the appeal lies in patients wanting to resemble celebrities and stars from the U.S.
Meanwhile, cars that resemble police vans and Rangers vehicles will be seized.
To determine which states most closely resemble the sociodemographic anatomy of the United States, analysts with the personal finance website Wallet Hub compared statistics from each of the states with the entire U.S.
Furthermore, the research provides evidence that children resemble their parents, often in unseen ways.
Rachel Alexandra and her foal, reported to resemble her
Summary: A New Zealand man has blown his savings on a strangely-shaped fruit that resembles a Kiwi bird.
The Viewt, made based on Nissan Motor Co.'s March, is designed to resemble the Jaguar Mark 2.
That raised alarms because the compounds, as complex halogenated chemicals, structurally resemble the pesticide DDT and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which were once used in flame retardants.
If the property does not closely resemble either extreme, then the court should determine whether the transaction created a horizontal or a vertical carve-out.
Schools have been adding retail establishments such as Starbucks and food-court staples like Chick-fil-A for years, but this new movement is transforming all dining halls, including those operated by the university or an outsourced company, into establishments that resemble off-campus eateries.
These sometimes appear indecently keen to resemble emotional excavations, their superficial carelessness and imprecision too composed, too tactical.
I do not want for a minute to imply that, as persons, they resemble Hitler and his staff.
From an aerial view, the 60 islands that comprise the BVI territory resemble a trove of fine emerald gems set upon a sea of sapphire silk.
The Rofan resemble lupine Klingans, with the same penchant for violence.