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Conclusion: Time-tested methods of careful neurological examination and knowledge of neuroanatomy can allow a surgeon with limited resources to plan and accommodate for accurate tumour resection with adequate margins.
7] Various treatment algorithms have been incorporated into international guidelines, but common to most is that, when possible, surgical resection of the primary lesion and its metastases offers the best survival benefit for patients.
The study, entitled, "Transurethral Resection of the Prostate (TURP): A Cost Analysis of Bipolar and Monopolar Technologies," complements the established body of published literature that has shown superior clinical benefits of bipolar TURP compared to monopolar TURP, including lower frequency of adverse events and complications.
Furthermore, it has been suggested that the contractile properties of the contralateral limb might be changed by a compensational effect following ACL resection (Armstrong and Phelps, 1984; Gutmann et al.
sup][3] However, chemotherapy (CT) alone or hepatic arterial infusion CT are not favorable for the patients with synchronous CRC and liver metastases (CRCLM); only radical resection of the primary and metastatic lesions can apparently achieve good outcomes.
In the present article, a retrospective single-center study was conducted; it included 42 patients with CD who had undergone ileocolic resection between 2003 and 2014 (6).
Key Words: Transurethral resection, Bladder explosion, Transurethral resection syndrome, Prevention
Ginsberg and Rubinstein [sup][2] reported a randomized trial of sublobar resection for patients with clinical stage T1a NSCLC, showing that a high locoregional recurrence was associated with limited resection.
The type of resection was distal subtotal gastrectomy, as most tumours were located distally.
Leak rates are also higher when LR is combined with resection of the hepatic duct confluence with complex hepaticojejunal anastomoses.
However, little is known about the serial changes in serum CA19-9 level even after surgical resection to recurrence and the relationships between perioperative serial serum CA19-9 levels and prognoses.
NNA - En bloc resection of tumors of the bladder using HybridKnife is a new surgical procedure that allows recently discovered cancer of the bladder to be effectively treated.
The editor has organized the thirty-seven chapters, contributed by a group of experts in the field, into six sections devoted to surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux and paraesophageal hernia, surgical treatment of esophageal motility disorders, techniques and approaches for esophageal resection, resection of benign esophageal tumors, endoscopic ablation therapies and resection, and miscellaneous esophageal procedures.
Objective: The aim of this study was to compare the outcomes of liver transplantation and resection for very early hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC = 2 cm) patients with Child-pugh A liver function and portal hypertension.
Complete resection of the tumor was achieved via a transnasal endoscopic surgical approach.