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provide with a new seat

provide with new seats

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show to a different seat

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Will reseated himself, feeling some pity which was half contempt for this voluntary self-abasement of an elderly man.
The woman muttered her thanks, and her {leech} reseated himself in silence, to await the operation of the dose.
The unit also acts as a vacuum break, reducing the need to reseat gaskets while refilling the system, saving time and money on maintenance.
If they aren't seated deeply enough (three to five thousandths below flush), reseat them after you've completed priming the rest of the batch and the tray is empty.
When low-speed and low-pressure tubeless tires go flat and come loose from the rim, you can often reseat them by wrapping a ratchet strap around the tire's circumference (centered on the tread) and tightening until the tire's beads make decent contact with the rim flanges.
As this discussion was going on, the air control officer (ACO) went into the forward equipment compartment to reseat the cables on the back of the MIDS box.
Sports teams and programs looking to move to a new venue, or reseat fans based on priority points in their current venue, are able to leverage Ballena's Seat Relocation Management System to simplify the process.
The pressure relief valve was unreliable, holding pressure up to a point, but then failing to reseat, such that it would have dumped the entire boiler had it ever actuated.
Next, loosen the caliper bleeder screw and lightly reseat it.
After finishing measurements at each station and in order to start measuring at the next station, we reseat the apparatus again.
Chill and reseat the fork and check that no distortion has occurred.
The campaign to reseat Shah Shuja is described in great detail from the difficulties the British experienced in the southern passes of Afghanistan through their victories in Kandahar, Ghazni, and finally Kabul.
With almost 800 hours on my GX2, the only unscheduled maintenance has been to reseat an exhaust valve and a minor weld repair on the exhaust.
Slide the missile forward and then try and reseat it.
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