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a scientist who devotes himself to doing research

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Nineteen percent were in a number of other occupations, including accountant, credit manager, nonretail sales worker, political scientist, public administration (government) official, recreation worker, research worker, and statistician.
We provide scientific & technological information support services to all scientist, research workers, students of the universalities in the form of research papers, scientific documents which need to complete their research project and studies.
My later career at Columbia, my activity as a lecturer, research worker and publishing scholar, and the numerous honors I received both in this country and abroad belong to my long activity at Columbia and are not a subject of this interview.
And he has exemplified for colleagues everywhere the virtues of the |compleat' empirical research worker: creativity, methodological sophistication, policy relevance, rigour, pragmatism, persistence, optimism, and integrity.
She served as research worker and associate editor of the State Journal of the Nebraska Historical Society.
The social research worker overcame dirty tricks to be selected as Labour's candidate in Lib Dem-held Rochdale.
And a female market research worker was attacked by a group of youths and her handbag, containing samples, stolen.
Illiterate subjects were assisted by the research worker in filling up the questionnaire.
A RESEARCH worker has told a jury of his horror at finding the body of a "gentle, kind" colleague who had been bludgeoned to death with a rolling pin.
The Wales association now has a research worker, Dr Rose Cooper, operating out of Cardiff.
The report's author, Elizabeth Cutting, the charity's policy and research worker, said, "Today's report is very important as it considers the views of children themselves and they are the ones on the receiving end of physical punishment.
Before he joined the party, he worked as a research worker of the Institute of International Relations in Prague, with a focus on European integration and European safety.
We would like to feel that eventually we can provide a service for the professional commercial programmer equivalent to that provided by the BCS Journal for the research worker and language innovator.
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