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a group of associated research workers in a university or library or laboratory

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Research staff collaboration with clinical staff to plan and conduct the initial consent resulted in very few refusers at initial contact.
Houle, chair of the 2003 American Physical Society (APS) Task Force on Professional Ethics and a research staff member at the IBM Almaden Research Center in San Jose, will lead the discussion.
Prior to this appointment, he spent most of the 80s in the USA, first as postdoc at the University of Massachusetts, then as a research staff member for IBM in San JosE[umlaut].
Formed in 1999 and currently with a research staff of more than 40 analysts, it covers small-cap equities across 30 industries.
Earlier in his career, he was a research staff member at the IBM Thomas J.
ARRM06 brings industry executives and research managers together with senior IMEC research staff to discuss these technological challenges.
Christine Gall and Gary Lynch and their research staff reported that it was possible to use AMPAKINE compounds to reverse age-related declines in cognitive functions in old rats, returning their cognitive ability to that seen in young rats.
Encouraged by the initial success as a simple non-hygroscopic IR detector, Aydin's research staff continues to develop QFE as a viable broadband imaging sensor for direct view and 2D staring array applications employing an extended IR response.
Our research staff scours the most influential business publications every day to identify opportunities worth pursuing.
The expertise that its editorial and research staff have developed -- now consulted and relied upon by the industry's top executives, consultants, bankers and investors -- finds voice in its publications, leading-edge conferences, and integrated, highly searchable databases of transactions and commentary.
Study Manager is a key piece of our research infrastructure, and the electronic data capture module will give our physician investigators and their research staff a flexible and compliant tool for creating and managing case report forms (CRFs), adverse event documents and other source documents.
Miller, Research Staff Member at NEC Labs America, co-author of numerous watermarking patents, and of the book Digital Watermarking as a technical advisor.
Each individual brings a unique set of skills and experience that will enhance the depth of reach and knowledge of our research staff.
ACOM will provide research staffs and support to the Chinese center.
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